The SHOCKING REASON California GOP Is Recalling OC Dem (It's Because He's A Dem)


We've been meaning to write about this little baddy for some time, but faced with such blatant perfidy what could we even say beyond "man, that is some perfidious shit!" Well, now we have a new thing to say, and it is BOTH SIDES ARGLEBARGLE GURGLE HORP!

In Orange County, California, where we spent a decade flirting with prisonbound sheriffs and watching Dana Rohrabacher fall down a lot, a Democrat, Josh Newman, won a state Senate seat! This is not totally unknown in Orange County, where there were actually two Democratic state senators when we were there, plus whatever Loretta Sanchez was.

But Newman gave the California Senate a supermajority, which means California Democrats can do TERRIBLE things like "raise taxes to pay for things the state needs," instead of GOOD things like "cut taxes and then wonder why there's a $15 billion deficit."

So the Republicans launched a recall. Are recalls supposed to be for things like "assaulted a reporter after most of the votes were already in" and things such as that? Presumably! But in California, they do indeed recall people for things like "voted with Democrats to make herself Speaker" (it was kind of a Lady Jane Grey type of thing) and "let Republicans do Enron to him" and "didn't do Death Penalty."

So here we are, and a Democrat is being recalled for the reason of "voted for taxes" (won an election), and do you know who is to blame for this scurrilous anti-democratic nonsense? Would you guess it is BOTH SIDES? Oh, probably, because we said that in the lede.

Anyway, Dan Walters spends the first half of his column yelling, rightfully, at Republicans for pulling this nonsense recall shit, and then he remembers he is a political pundit and puts his pox on the Democrats' house:

Newman’s fellow Democrats, however, are contributing their share of overreach to the situation. Last week, they inserted into a budget “trailer bill” some changes in the law governing recall elections that would allow recall petition signers to recant and force an election on Newman to be consolidated with the November 2018 statewide election, rather than be a special election.

The low voter turnout of a special election would likely make the recall more likely, while the higher turnout of regular statewide election would help him retain his seat.

The measure, Senate Bill 96, was passed on party-line votes in both houses last Thursday with Democrats trying to portray it as a good government reform and Republicans complaining that it was making a last-minute change in election law to help one politician keep his seat.

Oh man, Democrats couldn't get any Republican votes when they were fighting back against Republicans' illegitimate attempts to steal a Senate seat via a poorly attended special recall election? A special recall election that is happening for literally no other reason than that a Democrat won? SHAAAA-DY, Democrats! You go to your room without any of these delicious and "ironically, unpopular but necessary" taxes "to fix [your] dilapidated roadways."

Man, those powerhungry fighting Dems, doing democracy wrong by by not letting Republicans steal democracy. When will you learn, all your Senate seats belong to Republicans, just like all your Supreme Court seats belong to Mitch McConnell? Just close your eyes, and think of England, and it will all be over soon enough.

[CalMatters / Newman for Senate]

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