Here's a little poll anti-porn to keep you warm on these summer nights of the Republican National Convention, as we watch batshit racist people say batshit racist things that are just batshit racist lies. CBS News and YouGov came out with a poll at the beginning of the week that shows just how much this year's RNC is speaking to the party faithful (read: very stupid white people) and literally nobody else.

And can we cut the crap? They don't live in a "different reality." They don't "see things differently" from the rest of us. They're just fucking delusional.

CBS highlighted some of the results, and we're borrowing their screengrabs, because they're prettier to look at than poll toplines:

If you cannot see that picture, it says that among "all voters," only 35 percent say American is better off than four years ago. But among Republicans, 75 percent say it is. And why? The great majority say, delusionally, that it is because of their confidence in literally the stupidest and most incompetent world leader alive, Donald Trump.

Only 35 percent of registered voters say the economy is good. But 67 percent of Republicans think it is!

Only 38 percent of registered voters say America is handling coronavirus well, maybe because of how America is the laughingstock shitshow of the world on coronavirus, in the most tragic way possible, with over 178,000 of our fellow citizens dead.

Republicans, though? Fully 73 percent of them are just fine with losing the equivalent of the American city of Providence, Rhode Island, when literally no other country in the world is in this situation. MAGA! MAGA! MAGA!

Of course, to be fair, 64 percent of Republicans think many fewer people have died of coronavirus than the official numbers say, and why? Because they're STUPID. And delusional.

Whatever the number is, though, take a gander here:

That's right, 57 percent of Republicans think whatever the REAL number is, it's fine, as opposed to the 90 percent of Democrats who have not completely gone out of their fucking gourds in allegiance to a death cult.

This poll has Joe Biden maintaining his lead of 52-42, so there really wasn't a big convention "bump" to speak of. That's OK, though. There seem to be very few persuadables this time, and we're not too worried anything will be said this week that will convince any number of Biden voters to suddenly forget the last four years, say fuck it, and vote for Trump. Trump still technically has more enthusiasm for him in his base, though Joe Biden did get a bump there after the convention.

But remember the whole thing about "negative partisanship" ruling elections these days, i.e. the team that wins does so because more people come out because they hate the other guy? That's still Biden.

As long as we have a free and fair election.

Which is still an open question.

In the United States of America.

There are 69 days until the US American presidential election. Have you made your plan to vote as early as humanly fucking possible yet?

[CBS News]

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