The Unbearable Cuteness of Being (The Obamas)


All of you cynics should check outthese AP photos of the worlds' most attractive and adorable children demanding that their parents kiss so they can take a photograph of it.

Why are we talking about this? Because here at Wonkette, we've made a resolution to have more nice time posts. Truth be told, it is hard to sustain outrage and snark all day every day, even for us. Also, too, there are only so many things we can say about the depressing wave of gun-related news that is going to grip America now and forever, amen.

Fortunately, the Inauguration gave us all sorts of nice time things to write about! Thanks Obama! High on our list of adorable nice time things is Sasha goading her parents into kissing so that she could snap a photo:

While watching the Inauguration Day Parade on Monday, the First Daughters got President and Michelle Obama to pose for a quick kiss -- and captured it on their cell phones. First FLOTUS gave her best duck face, then she and POTUS locked lips ever so briefly... then Malia and Sasha examined the results on their small screens and tried out some duck faces of their own.

When yr Wonkette was a teenager (yes, all of us) we would not have wanted to see our parents kissing, much less demanded that they do while we photographed it. But our childhood was not nearly as awesome as Sasha's and Malia's is. Truth be told, we were just plain not as awesome as the Obama children.

Seriously, (no, really, seriously. WE ARE HAVING NICE TIME GODDAMMIT) we are pretty much in love with the Obama family and Sasha and Malia in particular. They are adorable and seem to have remarkable poise without being stiff and weird. You try growing up in the biggest spotlight ever and remaining fantastic.

Haha that will never happen to you because your dad isn't leader of the free world and your mom isn't a woman with remarkable arms and an unlimited clothing budget.

[HuffPo/AP Photo by Gerald Herbert]


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