THE VETTING Of Sandra Fluke: Her Boyfriend’s Father Is Some Kinda Super Jew


Renegade wingnuts are digging up all the non-dirt on radical feminist monster Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown Law Studentwhom Rush Limbaugh labeled a "slut," a "prostitute," and 100,000 other acceptable polite 21st century terms for days on end until the advertiser $$$ started drying up. Who is the REAL Sandra Fluke, reader? Is she really just a Georgetown 3L with an expertise in women's health law who's trying to make her case for mandatory employer insurance coverage of contraceptives with poise and professionalism? Or is she an rich jet-setting trillionaire Marxist Communist radical provocatrix with a rich Jew boyfriend from a super-communist ancient Jew family of Jews intent on being Jewish all the time? Some idiot bloggers are on the case.

Bill O'Reilly recently came out with the breaking news that Fluke's boyfriend, Adam Mutterperl, a fledgling stand-up comic, has a father, Bill Mutterperl, who's a "Democratic stalwart." Indeed, Sandra Fluke's boyfriend's father has given money to the Democratic party, a big ol' fat whopper of a revelation that surely negates any case for mandatory employer insurance coverage of contraceptives. But O'Reilly didn't go far enough for the likes of some. Take this fellow, Brooks Bayne, who writes inadvertent comedy for a website called "The Graph" that we will be sure to visit regularly from now on. "Democratic stalwart" doesn't adequately describe the entirety of Bill Mutterperl lifetime of terror, Bayne explains. He's also a Jew.

The term BIll O’Reilly used to describe Bill Mutterperl is “Democratic stalwart”. However, as soon as I heard his name in a story about Sandra Fluke, I almost choked, due to my sudden epiphany. Why? Because anyone familiar with Boston and New York political history knows about the wealthy Mutterperl family’s long tradition of supporting the typical Jewish variant of socialism. Bill Mutterperl’s family are much more than Democratic stalwarts.

Bayne even unearths this photo of Sandra Fluke's boyfriend's parents, being rich Jewish socialists, on vacation. Why so happy, parents of the boyfriend of the person who's been advocating for a moderate health care policy? After many paragraphs outlining Mutterperl's history of Jewish activism, in which dozens of references to "finance" are emphasized in bold, Bayne gives us this helpful, blockquote-friendly summary, with many more unnecessarily boldfaced words to stress whatever point he fails to establish:

In summary (with bold for emphatic inflection): Sandra Fluke is a 30 year old leftist activist, attending Georgetown University, whom the Dems tried to inject, via non-sequitur, into Issa’s hearing about Obamacare’s encroachment upon religious freedoms, protected by the Establishment Clause in the 1st Amendment. Her boyfriend, Adam Mutterperl, is the son of one of the most well-connected leftist Jewish families on the East Coast (add the West Coast to that, apparently), with ties to neo-Marxist Brandeis University as decades old donors… and whose father, Bill Mutterperl, worked directly for Paul Volcker, one of Obama’s pals, advisors, and Keynesian “stimulus” bill architects. Yet, we’re supposed to believe that this just boils down to a poor girl needing us to “subsidize” her birth control. RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!

Good reporting work on the Internet Brooks Bayne. Of course she never said she wanted the regulation because she personally couldn't afford birth control pills out-of-pocket.

Meanwhile, over at the lair of Jim "Gateway Pundit" Hoft -- the actual dumbest blogger on the Internet, at least until Brooks Bayne builds up more of a canon of published works -- we have yet more wicked hot scoopery in the form of wingnut fact-checking. The headline: "Georgetown 'Coed' Sandra Fluke Is a 30 Year-Old Women’s Rights Activist." As Dave Weigel points out -- because, sadly, this needed to be pointed out -- Sandra Fluke never called herself a "Georgetown Coed" -- that was a descriptor Hoft picked up from Rush Limbaugh, who invented it while he was calling Fluke a sex-crazed college slut who could "barely walk from having so much sex." But still! Boyfriend w/ rich Jewish parents! The indictment's a-comin'!

[The Graph, Gateway Pundit via Lawyers, Guns and Money]


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