If there is one thing that this year was not short on, it was men who were the absolute WORST. It was the year we all found out (for sure) that legions of men in power had used that power to sexually harass and assault myriad women throughout their career. It was the year that many of you Wonkette readers first found out about the wonderful world of incels, MGTOWs and other manosphere varietals. And for that, I am heartily, heartily sorry.

But let's do a review anyway!

The Incels

Ah, the incels -- "involuntarily celibate" men, for the unintiated. We learned a lot about incels this year -- at least up until they were finally banned from Reddit on account of how much time they spent explaining why rape should be legal.

And for things like this:

And maybe just a little bit for things like this:

I was going to my doctors for a routine blood test (taking thyroid replacement) the femoid working at the front, lead me to his office. She was wearing grey leggings totally revealing her ass curves with a damn wedgie. As I followed her she put her hands behind her ass and locked fingers to cover her ass as she walked me to the room

Like no, I am not allowed to look at her ass that she’s showing off to attractive guys. Despite the fact she had the pants up her ass. Femoid be like “Omg my ass is in view of this loser!! Must block his view!”

If it was chad she would have stuck her ass out further and “accidentally” dropped her pen to bend over.

What’s the point anyway? When I was actually having a half decent morning in an OK mood She just had to remind me I’m a reject and god forbid a beta sees her ass.

God forbid, indeed.


MGTOWs are "Men Going Their Own Way." So they're sort of like incels, but on purpose, though they hate women just as much. One of the big focuses of MGTOWland this year, I found, was sex dolls, and how they will replace all of the living breathing women in the world. Women, they claim, are very scared of the day when that will happen and are doing everything in their power to prevent the dream of sexbots from coming true. Or something.

One of the ways we will do this, they claimed, would be by accepting sex robots as the new standard of beauty and trying to look like them instead of the other way around. That was pretty weird, honestly!

Lol, thanks. Ironically, the real girl is putting on makeup that makes her look MORE like a doll than a real life woman.

So goes to show sex dolls will be the new standard of beauty, not the other way around.

Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if they could actually make a doll that looks like her. The ones available aren’t that far off in realism at all.

They also, unsurprisingly, had a very unique take on the Weinstein scandal!

What is the fucking point of being that rich (net worth $255 million) and powerful (can cast anyone he wants in films with A-list celebs), if you still have to beg and grovel like this audio recording of his? What the fuck? pathetic. IF I had 1/100th of his fortune, I could be living like a absolute king in any number of countries.

The Time We Made It Into The Return of Kings Wiki!

Earlier this year, I found out that I had my very own entry in the wikipedia for the misogynistic site Return of Kings. You know, the one that was founded by that Roosh V guy who lives in his mom's basement? So I wrote about it on here, and many of you kind Wonkers rushed over to edit it to say NICE things about me and my clown face that I have.

There is still an entry for me, over at the "Male Monarchs Wiki," which is I guess what they are calling it now. Maybe they've returned already and we don't even know it? It's still practically the same, but now it mentions all of YOU as well!

Robyn Pennacchia is a Wonkette typist who has written numerous anti-Roosh V and anti-Donald Trump articles for the site. Roosh quipped on Twitter that he wouldn't bang Pennacchia due to her having a "clown face", describing her article "Bonus To Hating Trump: Gross MRA Dude Roosh V Won't Want To Bang You" as "childish".

After she posted an article about Kings Wiki to Wonkette, her readers launched a vandalism campaign against the wiki.

We did it! Thanks Wonkers! Oh, and because the Kings are so gracious, they left up the version of the article that one of you made as the "Wonkette Approved Version." Who could ask for anything more?

The Proud Boys

2017 brought us the beautiful gift of The Proud Boys. Started by Vice co-founder, terrifying bigot, and all around horrible person Gavin McInnes, the Proud Boys are a "Western Chauvinist Fraternity" of men who, um, love housewives and can name five brands of cereal. They even had a THEME SONG.

One Proud Boy you may be familiar with is Jason Kessler, who organized the Charlottesville Unite The Right rally! Nice!

Anyone remember 7-Eleven going out of business?

You probably forgot all about this -- and I did too! Back in April, A Voice For Men writer Doug Mortimer encouraged his fellow MRAs to boycott 7-Eleven. Why? Because they did a contest for aspiring female entrepreneurs who might want to open a 7-Eleven franchise of their very own.

I just saw a 7-Eleven yesterday, so I think they are doing OK! Sorry, Doug!

The Reckoning

I thought about trying to list all of the men who got called out this year -- Weinstein, Al Franken, Roy Moore, Matt Lauer, Kevin Spacey, Russell Simmons, Louis C.K. -- but people have already done that and probably missed a dozen or so themselves. There are too many to count.

But if there was one very, very good thing to come out of this year, it was that not only did a bunch of garbage men get called out on their little "issues" with sexual harassment and sexual assault -- but that we all stopped feeling shocked every time it happened. We stopped thinking "Not him! It couldn't be him! Oh no, does this mean I have to hate his movies now?/ NOW MY CHILDHOOD IS RUINED!/ Ignition is a really good song, ok?" because, well, yeah -- sometimes it could be him and was. The important thing about this, really, is that being a guy everyone loves from afar stopped being a protection these men had against being outed as a predator. That people who are victimized by beloved icons no longer have to think "Oh goodness, who would ever believe me?"

We are jaded now, and that's a good thing. Because we shouldn't assume we know a person's character simply because they are famous. The only two men, at this point, that I'd be genuinely surprised to learn were predators would be Mr. Rogers and Levar Burton. But even then I probably would not fall down dead. This is a good thing. Kill your idols.

In spite of -- and I think, largely because of -- the fact that our country elected a man who openly bragged about grabbing women by the pussy, we had a massive culling of the herd. A herd which will hopefully be replaced by women and men who do not sexually harass or assault anyone. Those who might otherwise feel the urge to start masturbating in front of the unwilling might avoid doing so simply for fear of getting caught. Because there is no longer reasonable expectation of cover-up.

For all the garbage we sifted through, this happened. And the incels got kicked off of Reddit forever and are now quarantined on a messageboard that people will be far less likely to wander into by accident. Maybe 2018 will be the year we finally ban men FOR GOOD.

I kid, I kid. Just the garbage ones.

Robyn Pennacchia

Robyn Pennacchia is a brilliant, fabulously talented and visually stunning angel of a human being, who shrugged off what she is pretty sure would have been a Tony Award-winning career in musical theater in order to write about stuff on the internet. Previously, she was a Senior Staff Writer at Death & Taxes, and Assistant Editor at The Frisky (RIP). Currently, she writes for Wonkette, Friendly Atheist, Quartz and other sites. Follow her on Twitter at @RobynElyse

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Yesterday afternoon, 45-year-old Gary Martin of Aurora, Illinois was let go from his job at the Henry Pratt Company, a factory that manufactures water valves. In response, he took out a pistol with a laser scope and began shooting at random. He killed five people and injured six others who were just trying to make it through the day at the water valve factory, and then the police killed him.

His mother said he was "stressed out." He "seemed fine" according to the clerk at the Circle K where he bought his cigars that morning. His neighbor thought he was a nice guy. Some people were surprised, others were not.

This kind of thing used to be shocking, but it's a story we're used to now. It gets repeated at least once a month. It's just what happens now, and we can't do anything about it because we can't do anything about gun control. This is, the Right has decided, just the price we all have to pay so they can stockpile guns for funsies, and take sexy pictures of guns shoved in their pants. This is the blood that waters their special tree of liberty.

It's fucking exhausting. And stupid. We shouldn't have to live this way. No one should have to live this way. But we do. Why? Because some day some yahoos might want to overthrow the government, which is (of course) a completely legal thing to do, and their "right" to do that must be protected. So it's literally just never, ever going to stop.

Gary Martin, like most other mass shooters, also had a history of violence against women. In 1994, in Mississippi, he was convicted for stabbing one. He should not have been able to get a gun after that. I would like to know how and why he was able to get that pistol with the laser scope that he killed five people with yesterday afternoon. Maybe someone gave it to him. Maybe he bought it somehow. Maybe someone forgot to do a background check. Maybe he bought it from someone who didn't have to do a background check.

I am so goddamned tired of writing this article. I am out of things to say.


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