Theocrat And GOP Candidate Mike Peroutka Explains Jesus Is The Football For Your Rights

On this Election Day, Michael Peroutka -- theocrat,neo-confederate, and Republican candidate for county council in Ann Arundel County in Maryland who has also flirted with the Constitution Party because CONSTITUTION -- would just like to remind you of the Reason for Election Season: It's Jesus!

In a video and essay (OK, transcript of the video) at Bradlee Dean's crappy Sons Of Liberty website Monday, Peroutka explains: Just as you can't win a game of football without your team possessing the ball, you can't win Democracy without recognizing that all our rights come from Jesus, exactly like the Founders said precisely nowhere in the Constitution, but which is obvious because a slaveholding deist used the word "Creator" in a whole 'nother document that does not actually have the force of law:

[If] we try to argue for our rights to life, or for our liberties, or for the right to be free in our pursuit of happiness -- including our right to own and enjoy private property, and including our right to worship, and to speak freely, and to assemble, and to protect and defend ourselves and our family -- and we try to make these arguments and defenses without acknowledging that their origin is a Divine one, we are trying to score without the ball.

No, we don't know why Peroutka starts with this unnecessary football comparison, especially since, when it comes to logic, law, and history, he's obviously playing Calvinball anyway. But look, here he is talking!

Now that we look at it on the YouTubes, we see this went up in January 2011, so maybe it was a timely Super Bowl sermon then. But it's just as appropriate for Election Day, because just as Jesus was always going on about fair electoral practices and proportional representation, the Constitution of the United States is all about Jesus:

It’s impossible to make a case for your individual rights without first acknowledging -- as our founders did in the Declaration of Independence -- the existence of the Creator God, Who is the author of those rights

In my education work, I frequently speak to patriotic folks such as Tea Party or 9-12 groups, and I’m asked by some of the more libertarian bent if it’s really necessary to emphasize Jesus Christ so much in talking about our rights and how to redeem them and secure them.

The answer, of course, is “Yes, it is.”

This is because, if we don’t start with Christ as the Creator and author of rights, we have no rational or logical basis for asking others to respect them.

This is why those who seek to deprive us of our rights have first made sure to erase the memory of their origin from our cultural conscience. This is what the great lie of separation of Church and State has accomplished in America.

You gotta respect and admire a man who can get that much pure essence of stupid into just a few short paragraphs and still have time to confuse "conscience" and "consciousness." And if you'd like to learn even more about the wise Constitutional knowledge of Michael Peroutka, he has a whole lecture series that you can rent on DVD for a mere $49 dollars! As we noted this spring, he has some amazing insights, like cocognizing that anyone who teaches the theory of evolution is disloyal to America.

Finally, let us also appreciate the magnificence of a line from the "about the author" description at Sons of Liberty, which we suspect was penned by Bradlee Dean -- it just has the whiff of his prose style:

Combined with his constitutional forefather style of writing, what makes [Peroutka] unique from every other columnist is that he includes a VIDEO for every commentary he posts, blending the new age of video with the traditional written commentary.

Wow! There is a VIDEO for this commentary, and the "commentary" is a verbatim transcript of the VIDEO. Just like the constitutional forefather style of writing we came to know and love in the Federalist Papers.

[Sons of Liberty]

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