There Are Lies, There Are Dumb Lies, And Then There's Kayleigh McEnany

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is a liar. We all know that. But in these waning days of the Trump era — 50 days! 50 days! 50 days! — she is telling just some real dumbshit lies, and we don't even understand the purpose, besides perhaps it's such a habit for her these days that she just lies when saying nothing would serve her better.

Sunday, President-elect Joe Biden — 50 days! 50 days! 50 days! — announced his White House comms team, which will be entirely led by women for the first time ever. The new press secretary, who will not be a liar for a change, will be Jennifer Psaki, and Karine Jean-Pierre, a wonderful person you probably see on MSNBC as a frequent commentator, will be principal deputy press secretary. Symone Sanders will lead comms for Vice President Kamala Harris, and so forth. Seven women total.

This prompted Kayleigh McEnany, who does not lead an all-woman comms team, just to lie and say she does.

And the people replied, "HENNNNNNGH"?

And Judd Deere, McEnany's deputy, who is last we checked not a woman, but rather one of those gay white male conservatives who chooses to work for his oppressors out of what we can only assume is a misguided and desperate craving for approval, replied not with a "HENNNNNNNGH?" but rather with a ... confirmation of McEnany's lie? We don't know, but he RTed McEnany's thing.

Judd Deere is just proud to be part of Trump's ALL FEMALE Senior White House Press Team, we guess. Also Brian Morgenstern, who is one of McEnany's deputies. And Devin O'Malley, who handles duties like that for Mike Pence.


We are just curious which other Trump senior staff and Cabinet officials are groundbreaking ceiling-smashing women and we just didn't know. McEnany will surely tell us.

As we said, nobody knows why the hell Kayleigh McEnany is lying about this, but as we see it, she's either pathological and/or she just doesn't know she's lying anymore. Maybe the Trump White House has a certain quota of lies you have to tell per month in order to get your paycheck, and what with November ending yesterday, she looked at her timecard like "oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck! Better say a whopper!" and got on Twitter and immediately said the dumbest whopper she could think of. Who run the world Trump White House comms shop? Girls! Like Judd Deere and Brian Morgenstern!

Then again, this is a White House that started out by trying to convince us an under-attended Ku Klux Klan bake sale was the biggest inauguration crowd in history. It makes sense that the lies would end as stupidly as they began.

Oh well, Kayleigh McEnany is a piece of shit asshole and we are looking forward to never talking about her again starting in 50 days, the end.

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