There Goes Old Handsome Joe Biden, Defenestrating Donald Trump With #Jokes


Your sexxxy vice president, Old Handsome Joe Biden, went to Ohio on Thursday to campaign for his old pal Emails McBodycount, and he talked about many nice things, like how Donald Trump doesn't know shit from shinola about anything, and how the aforementioned Hillary Clinton does know things, and is good, and should feel good about how good she is. And while he was there, he said a ZING! about Trump that we love very much:

“This is a guy born with a silver spoon in his mouth that now he’s choking on because his foot is in his mouth along with the spoon,” Mr. Biden said.

Biden, clearly amused by his #joke, got on Tweeter and Twatted it out into Internet:

"I am the best at jokes," Joe Biden probably thought, "and also it should be noted that when I was a young man, I was breathtakingly fuckable." Agreed, Joe, AGREED.

So, because we at Wonkette are Very Serious Journalists, we figured we'd come up with some more insults for Trump, inspired by OHJB's zinger.

  • Trump is a little tiny scared boy who lives in an ugly old fart-sack of a body, who probably runs and hides during the Wicked Witch parts of The Wizard Of Oz, because he's a pussy.
  • This is a guy who won't release his tax returns because his actual bank accounts are even smaller than his minuscule hands.
  • Trump calls himself a businessman who makes great deals? More like a shivering weenus crying for his mommy, who never loved him all that much.
  • Hey remember that time Donald Trump was accused of raping his ex-wife? That sure was somethin'!
  • Bless his heart.
  • Know what's not a big fuckin' deal? Donald Trump.
  • Let's play Fuck/Marry/Kill: Donald Trump, a nest of angry wasps, and anal warts. HAHA, you are fucking a nest of angry wasps and married to anal warts now!

We'll be here all night, folks.

[Wall Street Journal]


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