What kind of low-rent, retro, Roger Stone ratfucking is this? Did the Arizona GOP really send a couple of idiots over to the campaign office of a Democratic House candidate with $39.68 worth of change and a claim to represent the Northern Arizona University Communist party? Do these dipshits just watch James O'Keefe videos all day and think, "Yeah, that guy gets it?" Were they wearing matching Che T-shirts and clutching copies of Mao's Little Red Book on this caper? It's Friday, so we're going with YES TO ALL, ALLEGEDLY.

Last week, two Republican nitwits walked into the campaign office of Democratic Congressman Tom O'Halleran with a jar of coins to donate to his reelection campaign. They called themselves Jose Rosales and Ahmahd Sadia -- get it, a Messican and a Mooozlim! Subtle.

Ben Jacobs from The Guardian reports,

The pair initially walked in to sign up to volunteer but had brought along a jar full of money that they wished to donate. After being directed to a finance staffer, they were told to fill out paperwork. In doing so, they identified themselves as members of the Northern Arizona University Communist party. They made clear they were not an official group but were holding meetings. But they also insisted upon a receipt.

When told they get only an emailed receipt, Rosales immediately scratched out one email and wrote another. The entire process raised eyebrows among O'Halleran's staff.

No kidding it raised eyebrows! Roger Stone pulled this shit in 1972, when he pseudonymously donated to Nixon challenger Pete McCloskey in the name of the Young Socialist Alliance, and then sent the receipt to the media to prove that McCloskey was a secret commie. But this isn't 1972, and the O'Halleran finance staff clocked these two bozos from the jump.

Here's a video of Lindsey Coleman, O'Halleran's finance director, marching in to the Arizona GOP office to return the money immediately.

Nice of the front desk dude to narc out his pal Oscar, who emerged from a door to reclaim his cash before disappearing like Homer Simpson into a bush. Good luck with the FEC, Oscar! Maybe you and "Ahmahd" should have looked a little closer at those campaign finance regulations, since it's illegal to donate to a campaign under a false name. But don't worry, because you guys have a big future in television. Safe bet you're about to star in a whole bunch of O'Halleran campaign ads!

Slow fuckin' clap, geniuses.

[The Guardian]

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