This Right Here Is Some Sexist Bullshit About Nikki Haley

Here is a story from Politico talking about "Trump sadface no one likes him even his Cabinet members because they said he shouldn't have said 'I love nazis,' WEAK!" Okay, same old, same old. But tucked in at the end is this:

Others, who said they would have joined the administration back in January with no hesitation, said that calculation has become more complicated in the wake of Trump's Charlottesville comments and other self-created crises.

That’s left Trump in a bind amid recent public criticisms from people like Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and economic adviser Gary Cohn, who both publicly distanced themselves from Trump’s comments in the wake of the violent white nationalist protests in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“I think that cuts him to the quick,” said a source close to the president. But he knows he can’t afford to push either man out right now. Outside of U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, who people close to Trump do not think is ready to head the State Department, the source said, “I couldn’t name you a guy who would take the job or get confirmed.”

That is my bold, because that is some bold bullshit.

You don't have to like Nikki Haley. You don't have to think her hair smells terrific. But as Ambassador to the UN, she's pretty much the only Trump appointee who hasn't been consistently showing her ass. She's not an ingenue. She's not a socialite. She's not even inexperienced! For six years, she was governor of South Carolina, where she did a couple of good, brave things that were important. (She took down the Confederate flag after the Charleston massacre, and she signed a bill taking guns from the worst domestic abusers. BABY STEPS.) She is 45 years old, and has been in governance for the past 13 years. She's not "ready" to take over from the guy who's done nothing but cancel North Korea meetings so he could nap since he was confirmed? Trump, who appointed Ben Carson to HUD and Rick Perry to the Department of Nukes and his son-in-law to everything else, thinks someone isn't "ready" for a job? And Deep Throat up there in the Politico piece couldn't name you "a guy" who'd take State? Just a little Freudian nothing for you right there.

Those administration officials can eat my ass.

Speaking of my ass! When I was 35, I'd been at my alt-weekly job for almost 12 years -- from copy editor to senior editor, doing all of the jobs -- with 17 years in newspapers all together. I applied for a lot of editor-in-chief jobs! Oh my goodness, I was so energetic and full of beans and ready to have my own shop and assign all the stories and work all the hours and do ALL THE CAREER LADY THINGS! I had a dozen interviews at alt-weeklies all over the country. They flew me out! I wore "outfits"! I came up with 15 fuckin' awesome and hilarious cover story ideas, right on the spot! Oh what fun we had, and boy they sure would have liked to hire me, but -- sadface again! -- they couldn't, because they didn't think I was "ready," except for the one guy who said it was because I wasn't a good listener, as I'd nodded and smiled and interrupted only to ask really pertinent, engaged questions that showed how into his stories I was, as he talked for HOURS with his finger in his nose, up to the knuckle. Also, he said I was "too confident."

In every single case, I was runner up to a middle aged white guy. In at least two cases, maybe three, they ended up hiring a sports reporter from the local daily. SPORTS REPORTERS FROM LOCAL DAILIES DO NOT KNOW HOW ALT-WEEKLIES WORK. COINCIDENTALLY! At least four of those newspapers no longer exist.

Am I saying Nikki Haley is the greatest and boy Trump would be a fool not to hire her to replace Rip Van Tillerson? Nah, I haven't actually paid much attention to the UN -- mostly because no JESUS CHRIST ARE YOU KIDDING ME, THE UN AMBASSADOR DID WHAT scandals have been launched from it lately! I mean, imagine if John Bolton had been in there instead, we'd all know the names of every single delegate whose bloody flesh had mussed up his booshy moostache.

Oh, say. Have they asked John Bolton to take over State? That would probably work just fine.


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Rebecca Schoenkopf

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