Trump And His Deplorables Should Keep Mollie Tibbetts's Name Out Of Their Racist Fucking Mouths

We need to talk about the murder of Mollie Tibbetts. Or more specifically, we need to talk about why we haven't been talking about the murder of Mollie Tibbetts, and why we are now.

Tibbetts was a 20-year-old college student when she was murdered, and Iowa authorities say the suspect, Cristhian Bahena Rivera, is an undocumented immigrant, though his lawyer says he was working in Iowa legally. It was a brutal crime, and if found guilty, the suspect should rot in prison. We of course send our deepest sympathies to Tibbetts's family and friends.

All murders are awful, no matter who commits them. But we haven't been talking about it because, quite frankly, it's a local crime case, and that's not really what national political writers cover. But now it's on our desk, because the Trump administration, its state run media arm at Fox News and the white supremacist heathens of Twitter are dead obsessed with it, for a few (obvious) reasons.

For one thing, the suspect was charged Tuesday, which happens to be the same day the president's first campaign chair was found guilty of eight federal felonies and the president's longtime thug fixer "lawyer" pleaded guilty to eight more. Why talk about that stuff when you can cherrypick a murder and scream "MESSICAN! MESSICAN! THERE'S A MESSICAN RAPIST WITH A GUN"?

The second reason overlaps with the first -- hell, we just said it. Donald Trump is a white supremacist and Fox News's editorial angle is white supremacist and Trump's most fervent supporters are white supremacists. They all have a particular hard-on for demonizing Latino immigrants as murderers and rapists -- even though immigrants are less likely to commit violent crimes than people who were born here -- which started the day Trump declared his candidacy on that escalator in Trump Tower. Ever since then, it's been a running campaign. They scream about MS-13 taking over America, though rational Americans don't see any evidence of that. And if somebody is murdered by an immigrant -- especially if a white woman is murdered by an undocumented immigrant -- it is like getting to spend Christmas at a NASCAR race having multiple orgasms with a belly full of Cracker Barrel. It is their fucking favorite.

To be clear, none of these motherfuckers care about Mollie Tibbetts or her family. They are simply this week's latest pawn for racist incitement, and also a very convenient distraction.

Here's Donald Trump at his West Virginia rally -- yes, the one where he said his mom used to "gestate" the Thanksgiving turkey, up inside her ladybits, we guess -- using Tibbetts's name in vain, not because he gives a shit about her or her family, but because he hates Mexicans and wants to drive home for his bigoted paste-eating moron followers the lie that immigrants are murderers:

The White House followed up with a vile white trash video about how the Tibbetts family is now PERMANENTLY SEPARATED from Mollie, because of SCARY ILLEGAL MEXICANS. Get it? "Permanently separated"? As in, it's totally OMG worse than Trump's policy of ripping brown Mexican babies out of their mothers' arms at the border. So why don't you liberals stop your bitching about that and come be white supremacists with the Trump White House, where no matter how misshapen your head is, they've got a white hood that'll fit you?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders even started her Wednesday briefing with a statement about the Tibbetts murder, because ILLEGAL MEXICAN MURDER! Did you hear ILLEGAL MEXICAN MURDER?

Fox News is obviously flogging this chicken, because its viewers are so stupid/racist that they believe you can't even go anywhere in big cities anymore without being murdered by the MS-13 gang. Here is some white lady idiot crocodile tears-ing that mean Democrats don't even talk about ANGEL PARENTS:

"What the fuck are Angel Parents?" you might be asking. The short answer is that it's the Donald Trump/Fox News/Breitbart term for parents of murder victims who were killed by illegal immigrants, as if somehow being murdered by an illegal immigrant is worse than being a victim of one of the many American citizens who commit murders, because in their addled syphilitic minds, this is an EPIDEMIC that's KILLING ALL THE WHITES. Vox has a full explainer on it, but suffice it to say it's disgusting and racist and pretty much everything we've come to expect from Trump's modern-day Nazis. (Also check out Peter Beinart in The Atlantic on why Trump supporters and Fox News don't care about Michael Cohen's crimes or the insane corruption and criminality at the heart of the Trump administration, but they're willing to stop everything to freak out about Mexicans killing white ladies as if it's just happening on every block in America at all times. HINT: It's about the most mentally ill sort of racism.)

We'll close this out with professional yelling person Candace Owens, one of approximately five black people in the world Trump likes (Diamond, Silk, Ben Carson, and "embattled" Paris Dennard round out the esteemed bunch). Usually we don't give two fucks about what she says, but she tweeted something nasty and racist that led to the very best kind of smackdown, the kind that comes from a member of Mollie Tibbett's family:

AND THEN, from somebody who says she is Mollie Tibbetts's cousin:

Then Mollie Tibbetts's aunt Billie Jo Calderwood posted this on Facebook:

Please remember, Evil comes in EVERY color. Our family has been blessed to be surrounded by love, friendship and support throughout this entire ordeal by friends from all different nations and races. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

And then Calderwood shared this post on Facebook:

Well said, all of them. And, as we said above, all kind humans send their love to the Tibbetts family, which is going through something we'd wish on no one.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump and his deplorables are racist trash who need to keep Mollie Tibbetts's name out of their shit mouths. She didn't die for that bullshit.

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