Tiffany Trump: My Dad Loves The Gays Almost As Much As He Does Me!

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Tiffany Trump: My Dad Loves The Gays Almost As Much As He Does Me!

Donald Trump is down in the polls, but he's not out for the count just yet. After all, does this look like a failing campaign?

That's right, libs. Wail in despair because the Trump campaign has unleashed its secret weapon, Tiffany Trump. She's no longer just an answer to a Trivial Pursuit question. She's going to hype up support for President Klan Robe among the LGBTQ community.

Tiffany Trump spoke Saturday at a Trump Pride event in the Westshore Grand Hotel in Florida. We should state for the record that Donald Trump has only acknowledged Pride Month once, and even then it wasn't an official presidential proclamation, as our last real president, Barack Obama, made every year he was in office.

The president's youngest daughter whined like a common Trump about “fabricated lies" on social media about the Trump administration's anti-queer agenda that is obvious to anyone with a brain in their head.

TIFFANY TRUMP: I know what my father believes in.

That's right. She's read Art of the Deal. Trump even signed her copy!

TIFFANY TRUMP: Prior to politics he supported gays, lesbians ... the LGBQIA+ community, okay.

She left out the "T" for “transgender," perhaps as a deliberate slight or just because she's dumb. The line between malice and stupidity is a thin one for Trump's adult spawn.

Donald Trump's relationships are entirely transactional. When he was dodging taxes as a New York real estate developer, he probably wasn't openly hostile to queer people, as long as they were rich and non-Black, which likely covers most of Tiffany Trump's gay best friends.

But that obviously changed when he ran for president as a Republican, a party whose platform is openly hostile to the LGBTQ community. He didn't win win over white evangelicals, despite his personal grossness, because he was a queer ally.

TIFFANY TRUMP: It saddens me. I have friends of mine who reach out and they say how could you support your father, we know your best friends are gay.

She claimed that her father, who is Donald Trump, has "always supported all of you." That's absurd. She is aware that Trump's vice president is Mike Pence, right?

Over on Twitter, journalist Victoria Brownworth has detailed at length how the Trump administration has deliberately and cruelly targeted the LGBTQ community. HUD Secretary Ben Carson is denying queer people housing. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo actively pushes an anti-gay agenda. Attorney General Bill Barr has fought employment protections for LGBTQ people, and employees at the Department of Justice filed a formal letter of complaint alleging a hostile work environment toward LGBTQ staff.

Oh, and Trump banned trans people from serving in the military and has rolled back protections for them through the federal government.

But that's just what Trump's administration has done. Tiffany would prefer we focus on the bullshit he says.

TIFFANY TRUMP: What I think is so powerful when my father says he's going to ... there will be a cure for AIDS within the next 10 years, there will be and God bless.

Notice that Tiffany pulled back from Trump personally curing AIDS to merely being around when it happens. Wanting AIDS to go away forever is sort of the bare minimum to expect from a human-resembling person. That doesn't make Trump the heir to Harvey Milk.

I get that it's easier for Donald Trump Jr. to just embrace the full toxicity of Trumpism. He's a fully formed Fox News personality. He was never a member of the “coastal elite scene" he now decries. But self-described Malibu girl Tiffany Trump needs to accept what her father truly stands for and what she's endorsing. She invoked the supposed “silent majority" that will carry Trump to victory next month. That's a term that dates back to Richard Nixon and it's never been one that includes the marginalized, especially LGBTQ.


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