Tim Scott Continues Whining About All The Racism He’s Experiencing In A Country He Doesn’t Think Is Racist

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Tim Scott Continues Whining About All The Racism He’s Experiencing In A Country He Doesn’t Think Is Racist

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott delivered the Republican response to President Joe Biden's speech Wednesday night. It was pathetic and embarrassing, much like the senator himself. I grew up in South Carolina. My family still lives there. I don't know anyone who likes Tim Scott, but I know Black people.

Scott's speech and his entire schtick is directed at white people who want to feel like they aren't racist while simultaneously supporting racist policies. If you're a Republican who thinks Jeff Sessions was a fine attorney general and Stephen Miller has some solid ideas about immigration, then you'll find Tim Scott's speech inspiring.

It's usually a very bad sign if you're a Black person only white people can tolerate, but Scott doesn't seem to care. He took a victory lap on Fox News yesterday, where he received head rubs from white hosts who regularly smear Black people. They nodded sympathetically when he complained about his personal experience with racism, which is quite the twist. But Scott is selling a narrative where Kamala Harris is racist but Marjorie Taylor Greene is not. Fox can dig that.

Scott told the usual gang of idiots on “Fox & Friends" that “intolerance so often comes from the left with words like 'Uncle Tim' and the 'n-word' being used against me." (Republican officials have an established history of unapologetically dropping the n-word.)

And last night what was trending in social media was "Uncle Tim," and they doubled down on this concept of liberal oppression. It is stunning in 2021 that those who speak about ending discrimination want to end it by more discrimination.

The left has doubled down that they are going to, not attack my policies, but they're literally attacking the color of my skin.

Oh no, some random people on Twitter referred to the senator as “Uncle Tim," as if he's a children's TV host. Look, calling a Black person an “Uncle Tom" or a “sellout" is a serious insult and, let me add, something white people should never, ever do, even if they're talking about Tim Scott, Candace Owens, or Diamond and Silk. Leave that to the Blackness professionals. But it's laughable that Scott, who sold his soul to MAGA, would even care. How much can Scott value his actual Blackness? Scott won a whopping eight percent of the Black vote in his last Senate election. Maybe he could've bumped that up to 10 percent if he actually attended a Black church. It's hard to vote against someone who joined you in singing “He's An On Time God." Scott is a longtime member of Seacoast Church in Mount Pleasant, a wealthy, overwhelmingly white suburb of Charleston. Not many white South Carolinians belong to churches this white.

But it's a free country, no thanks to Scott, so he can worship wherever he wants, but he can't insult our intelligence. He spent the past four years enabling and supporting a white supremacist president, the same guy who called Scott's Senate colleague, Elizabeth Warren, “Pocahontas." Scott later told Sean Hannity that the former White House squatter gave his speech high marks, which is not a compliment if you're self-respecting Black person.

SCOTT: President Trump called me to tell me he thought I did a spectacular job. You know President Trump. He's effuse in his praise at times.

The one-term loser is no longer president and has never effusively praised anyone other than his own reflection.

SCOTT: He said it was spectacular. He really enjoyed listening to it. I'm glad that he listened to it period.

Stop! You'll make Donald Trump Jr. jealous. Scott went on to claim that the former guy “wants to make sure we keep working to get more things done for the country." In our non-"Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" reality, the twice-impeached thug has concentrated solely on attacking his enemies, even within the GOP.

SCOTT: Believe it or not, one of the things that we talked about for a very short period of time was how do we make progress for the most vulnerable. He is still focusing on getting things done from a policy by encouraging us to continue down the path that leads to American progress.

House Rep. Liz Cheney has earned President Klan Robe's ire because she won't let Americans forget that he incited an attack on the US Capitol. Scott promotes the fantasy that the former guy is a distinguished statesman who cares about anyone but himself.

Mitch McConnell, who President Lost Cause wants replaced as Senate minority leader, suggested that Scott represents the “future of the Republican Party." However, sucking up to white supremacists is already the GOP's repulsive present.

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