Time For More Bad COVID-19 Advice From Your Favorite Senate Idiot, Rand Paul!

Time For More Bad COVID-19 Advice From Your Favorite Senate Idiot, Rand Paul!

It's been a while since our last “fuck you, Rand Paul" post, but it's not as if the Kentucky GOP senator has become a better person. We've just been busy with other things. The transphobic skid mark has continued his vendetta against Dr. Anthony Fauci, whom he considers a "petty tyrant." Why? Because Dr. Fauci won't shut up about COVID-19, and is acting like it's his goddamn job.

MSNBC's Mehdi Hasan asked Dr. Fauci on Sunday (video below) if it was okay for vaccinated people to eat and drink indoors. Dr. Fauci politely explained why we shouldn't start licking light sockets just yet.

FAUCI: No, it's still not okay. For the simple reason that the level of infection, the dynamic of infection in the community are still really disturbingly high. Like just yesterday there were close to 80,000 new infections and we've been hanging around 60, 75,000.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 20 percent of Americans are fully vaccinated, but that's nowhere near herd immunity, which would require around a minimum of 70 percent of the population vaccinated. Meanwhile, the number of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations is still rising because we're very bad at pandemic management.

Dr. Fauci urged Americans to get a vaccine if they haven't already, not that Republicans will listen to him.

He added: “If you are vaccinated, please remember that you still have to be careful and not get involved in crowded situations, particularly indoors where people are not wearing masks."

Obviously, Mall Doctor Paul flipped out.

Paul tweeted Monday:

Fauci continues to ignore 100 years of vaccine science.

His only real theme is "do what I say" even when it makes no sense.

If you've recovered or been vaccinated - go about your life. Eat, drink, work, open the schools.

Enough with the petty tyrants!

Sweet Christ.

OK, I can't believe I have to keep saying this, but Dr. Fauci isn't an elected official. He's not the president or a governor or in any actual way the boss of you. If a doctor says it's not OK to participate in one of the more lethal challenges from "Man vs. Food," that's not tyranny. It's a reasonable, informed medical opinion that you are free to ignore before trying to consume a six-pound, two-foot-long burrito in 90 minutes.

Far be it for us to assume Paul has daddy issues, but his own father is an equally creepy libertarian who doesn't believe members of a society have any shared responsibility to each other.

Not only has America not reached herd immunity, but the more contagious COVID-19 variant from the UK is spreading. There's a variant identified in South Africa that slapped the shit out of the Pfizer vaccine. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are 90 percent effective, which is great! However, airplane crashes have a 95 percent survival rate. That doesn't mean I want to be in one.

Dr. Fauci is urging caution as we inch closer to the finish line, and Paul is “fuck it, go about your life." He wants vaccinated people to eat, drink, man, woman their way through a pandemic. Paul also continues to make a distinction between those who've recovered from COVID-19 and those who have been vaccinated. The research shows that people who've had COVID-19 previously will need just one shot, but they should still get that one for optimal protection.

Although the former COVID-spreader-in-chief and first lady were vaccinated on their way out the door, Paul, as well as Senate's dumbest Republican Ron Johnson, refuses to get vaccinated because he's already had the virus. The vaccination would take all of 15 minutes, and they'd come to him.

Paul, who had COVID-19 in May 2020, said, "About 30 million people have gotten the infection naturally like myself. I'm going with the science on this one."

Paul speculated and said, "I have not chosen to be vaccinated because I got it naturally. The interesting thing is that no more than a handful of reports of people getting it again so there's every indication that having been infected with it provides strong, natural immunity."

Literal fucking Science magazine disagreed with Paul in its November article: More People Are Getting COVID-19 Twice, Suggesting Immunity Wanes Quickly In Some.

Reinfections with the four coronaviruses that cause the common cold occur after an average of 12 months, a team led by virologist Lia van der Hoek at Amsterdam University Medical Center recently showed. Van der Hoek thinks COVID-19 may follow that pattern: "I think we'd better prepare for a wave of reinfections over the coming months." That's "bad news for those who still believe in herd immunity through natural infections," she adds, and a worrisome sign for vaccines.

Dr. Fauci suggested we could need booster shots to maintain a level of protection from COVID-19. That's not the end of the world. We get a flu shot each year. Bottom line is listen to Dr. Fauci and ignore Rand Paul if you want to live. The end.

[The Hill]

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