Time Traveling Obama Made Lincoln Remove 'Under God' From First Draft Of Gettysburg Address, Also Didn't Even Kill Hitler


Did you hear about the latest outrage perpetrated by Barack Hussein Obama? It's bad enough that he's insulted the memory of the Noble Dead of Gettysburg by not attending the 150th anniversary of Lincoln's dedication of the cemetery there. (Headline if he had attended: “Imperial Hubris: Barack Obama tries to resurrect image by upstaging Lincoln commemoration.”) But now he's gone and deliberately removed God from his snippet of the address! Dead Breitbart's Home for Perpetual Fuming is just one of many wingnut outlets complaining about this deliberate slight to the Almighty in documentary filmmaker Ken Burns' montage of news and political people reading the speech.

After the butthurt from the usual crowd, Burns updated his website with a note saying

"Did you know there are five versions of the Gettysburg Address? We asked President Obama to read the first, the Nicolay Version."

That draft, which is in the Library of Congress, didn't include the words "under God" at the end of the speech. Or so the Gettysburg Foundation would have us believe!

In any case, this is all just more proof that the President is an atheist Muslim pagan who is afraid to say "God" because he knows that his tongue would burst into flames. True fact.

Also, even if Obama was reading from a version of the Gettysburg Address that is in the Library of Congress, it's pretty obvious that this still reflects Obama's hatred of God. Despite Ken Burns' fakey-fake claim that the Nicolay version was what Obama was given to read, it just makes more sense that Obama probably requested -- nay, demanded! -- that he be given that particular text. Because that is just how he rolls. In fact, if he didn't object to the Nicolay version and insist on being given the REAL copy, that is even all the more damning.

Otherwise, all this storming about how Obama "removed" God from the Gettysburg Address would sound pretty damned silly.

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