Today In Impeachment Fantasies, Steve Stockman Edition

One of the things that makes blogging much easier for yr Wonkette is the near-continuous supply of absurd overreactions from Republicans about, well, anything. (Also reliable topics for us: the Catholic Church'sterror of modernity and our bread and butter, politician sexytime.) Why, hardly a day goes by here in Wonkland or our poor sister Wonkville where we don't get some GOPer hyperventilating about how using CFL lightbulbs will end the world as we know it or how we vulgar-tongued types are wrecking discourse by saying "fuck" all the time. However, what has really given wingnuts the chance to step up their ooga-booga game is the merest mention that it would be nice if we didn't have weapons that killed everyone all the time. What say you, Congresscritter Steve Stockman of Texas?

“The White House’s recent announcement they will use executive orders and executive actions to infringe on our constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms is an unconstitutional and unconscionable attack on the very founding principles of this republic,” Stockman said in a statement. “I will seek to thwart this action by any means necessary, including but not limited to eliminating funding for implementation, defunding the White House, and even filing articles of impeachment.”

Oh for fuck's sake. Bamz and ol' Handsome Joe have pretty much only said thus far that they're thinking about thinking about some ways to maybe control some really really tiny percentage of some types of guns and Stockman goes with INPEACH right out the gate? What will these people do if there is ever any actual threat to their liberty? They're like a living breathing Boy Who Cried Wolf fairytale.

Stockman really bought his best hyperbole to the table this time around, though, with his cannon-adorned press release. No really:

Stockman joined those ranks Monday, issuing his impeachment threat with the image of flag from the Texas revolution favored by gun rights supporters for its image of a cannon and the words “come and take it.” Like many in the doomsday prepper end of the gun rights community, Stockman sees the possession of firearms as the only protection against a rogue government. He called the talk of executive order “an existential threat to this nation.”

Steve Stockman, you wouldn't know an existential threat if it bit you on the dick.

Really, we shouldn't be surprised about this from Stockman because he has always been reliably nutjobby about anything related to guns, particularly when it involves epic national tragedies. Let's travel back in time to 1995 and the Oklahoma City bombing:

Stockman, a vehement opponent of gun control who used the issue to unseat formidable House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jack Brooks last fall, staged press conferences in Washington and his home state Monday to explain what he did with a cryptic note his office received around the time of the bombing.

Stockman and his staff denied that they had delayed passing the note--which seemed to convey information about the Oklahoma blast--to the FBI. But they faced troublesome questions about why Stockman's staff also gave the note to the National Rifle Association and why Stockman in March wrote to the Justice Department objecting to what he said was an impending federal raid on "citizen militia" groups, apparently akin to the kinds of anti-government groups that seem to figure in the background of at least one suspect in the Oklahoma bombing.

So that's fun, Steve Stockman! Your reaction, upon receiving information about a huge terror attack on American soil, was to make sure that the NRA got a copy of the info. Priorities, my man! Good to see that Steve is keepin' on keepin' on and will always make sure we have guns before butter forever and ever amen.

[Talking Points Memo]


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