Today On Megyn Kelly's FEDERAL OFFENSE: 'Today' Show Lady Went Home Sick From Work

Today On Megyn Kelly's FEDERAL OFFENSE: 'Today' Show Lady Went Home Sick From Work

That one screengrab where Megyn Kelly looks unpleasant.

Last week, NBC's "Today" show host Savannah Guthrie tested positive for COVID-19, so she went home during the middle of the broadcast. This was both responsible and considerate of her coworkers, including Al Roker, who was diagnosed in 2020 with prostate cancer and was hospitalized twice last year due to blood clots and internal bleeding. He's the definition of immunosuppressed.

But noted humanitarian Megyn Kelly is here to tell us that such consideration for others is some woke, performative bullshit. Kelly, whom NBC paid millions to make go away, mocked her former colleague Tuesday on her SiriusXM radio show, which is not the "Today" show or even television.

“Do you believe they’re like canceling her, she’s running home from the set,” Kelly said. “COVID! I mean, at this point, seriously?”

Yes, seriously. More than 267,000 people died of COVID-19 in 2022, which is considerably greater than the number of people Antifa murdered to death in the flaming streets of Portland, Oregon.


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Kelly asked, “Like, is anyone still even testing for COVID?”

We assume the sizable non-sociopath segment of the population. This seems a reasonable precaution when you work on a TV set where you regularly interact with different people.

“I mean, it’s amazing to me," Kelly said. "These guys are leftists and it’s amazing to me to see how the leftists still live. Like under the grip of COVID, terrified." Kelly pulled her kids from their fancy New York private schools because she was terrified of supposed "woke leftism," but please go on. "This is reportedly Savannah’s third bout of COVID, and I guarantee you she’s had all the vaccines and the boosters, because you won’t be able to go into 30 Rock without them."

Lady, you can't get into 30 Rock with the vaccine and boosters.


Guthrie didn't flee the "Today" show set in abject terror. As co-host Sheinelle Jones explained, Guthrie wasn't feeling well, so she took a COVID-19 test. When it came back positive, she went home. This is perfectly normal behavior that more people should model (or rather more employers should enable for their staff). Guthrie exposing her coworkers, not to mention the show's guests, to COVID-19 is not great for business.

COVID-deniers like to make a big deal about how people who are fully vaccinated and boosted still get COVID-19. This has been our reality since the Delta variant. However, COVID-19 symptoms are far less severe if you're vaccinated and boosted. Yes, Guthrie has caught COVID-19 three times in a little over a year, but her job puts her at high risk of exposure. She was never hospitalized or put on a ventilator, which was a common fate for people with COVID-19 during the bad old days prior to the vaccine. However, Guthrie left during the middle of her broadcast last week because she's aware that other people exist in the world. That's always been a tough concept for Kelly to grasp.


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