Todd Akin Explains Inner Workings of Democracy In Language You Can Understand


Here is a pressing question that might be keeping you up nights, particularly if you live in whatever district in Missouri Todd Akin (R-Ladiesman) represents: What if you want to tell Todd Akin how much he sucks? How do you know he will listen to you and absorb what is sure to be thoughtful and nuanced commentary about how much he sucks? Well, your Wonkette is here to help! It's very easy to get in touch with Todd Akin and tell him how much he sucks, you just write a check, preferably for a “substantial amount," and this will get his attention. Here, watch him explain to you in this video about how you get your Congressman’s attention (hint: send him muneez.)

It starts when an unsuspecting man asks him the best way to get in touch with him, innocently asking "should we write a letter?" No, dummy, you should not write a letter, unless the letter is a picture of Ben Franklin.

AKIN: I’m in a three-way primary for the US Senate. I’ve gone to people and asked for their support, their help, or their endorsement, and some people say yes. They write me a decent check. I remember that. The people that I thought were friends that tell me to go away because they are supporting someone else, I remember that. You know, I can remember back to 12 years ago. You remember who’s helping you. That’s one way that people get to know congressmen and senators.

ONE way. He won't tell you what the other ways are.



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