Tonight's Lunar Eclipse/Winter Solstice: What You Need To Know

Tonight's Lunar Eclipse/Winter Solstice: What You Need To Know

Tonight will be very exciting for the fancy elitists in our country who can locate the night sky: For the first time in four centuries, a total lunar eclipse will also mark the Winter Solstice. Also, it's a Full Moon! And there's a meteor shower tonight, too! This combination of science and paganism is exactly what the Baby Jesus fears the most this time of year -- and America can hardly afford to have its national religious-consumer holiday spoiled by potentially Islamic forces of Nature. As always in our fragile nation, the crucial thing is to not bedistracted by what's going on all around us, because the American Way is to instead create some unpleasant diversion until "the threat passes" or everyone currently alive is dead. That's why we've prepared this handy chart to help you prepare for tonight's astronomical violence.

According to news reports with no references for the figures they vomit out, tonight's combination of the full lunar eclipse and solstice is the first in either 372 years or 456 years. Who knows, right? Whatever the case may be, we can be assured that John McCain was just a baby pooping on himself the last time this happened, so in many ways tonight is history repeating.

But the important thing is to protect yourself from frightening things happening outside in space. So print 'n save this handy chart and you just might live to see "real Christmas."


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