OK, I joined you, so when do I get to rule the Galaxy?

UPDATE: Pro Publica has retracted a significant portion of the report mentioned in this article. Rand Paul continues to oppose the Haspel nomination. See end of post for details.

Yesterday, Senator Rand Paul had one of his occasional five minute bouts of sanity; he said he could not vote to confirm CIA Black Site Princess Gina Haspel as the agency's director, what with her balls-out enthusiasm for torture of the balls-out kind.

Well! Liz Cheney, who is a congresswoman now because FUCKING WYOMING OF COURSE SHE IS, wasn't about to have any of THAT:

Wow -- if you don't like torture, you are a terrorist sympathizer. Accept torture or you too are the enemy. That's almost as big a Cheney Torture Era nostalgia trip as a Marilyn Manson concert, except we doubt there's quite as many middle-aged people wondering how they ever thought he was hardcore.

So let's see how Rand Paul provided aid and comfort to terrorists when he went on Fox News yesterday and explained to Harris Faulkner why he just couldn't get behind the torture lady (relevant bit starts at 1:39):

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