Totally Fake: The Fakest Reality Shows On TV! Tabs, Wed., June 29, 2022

Totally Fake: The Fakest Reality Shows On TV! Tabs, Wed., June 29, 2022

Tabs gif by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Read the liveblog if you haven't already, or again if you have.

2021 Press-Watchers on what the fuck happened with the Capitol Police inspector general report and what the fuck happened with the Capitol Police?

Please run against whoever, that Arizona one, Rep. Ruben Gallego, please.

Did Rudy Giuliani do a (nother) crime? New York Mayor Eric Adams thinks they should look into it! (New York Daily News)

It's not funny but it's pretty funny and I can't stop laughing (it's not funny): Sorry, gonna need some extended blockquote from "Democrats suggest."

Democrats suggest their rivals are eleventh-hour converts who would offer half-measures at best and voters should judge them accordingly. [...]

GOP leaders have generally opposed Biden’s expansion of the child tax credit — saying it would discourage people from working despite evidence to the contrary. Congressional Republicans said the Democrats’ paid family leave plan — which would put the U.S. on par with other wealthy nations — could limit choices for families and crush small businesses. In 2017, House Republicans voted to repeal “Obamacare” and replace it with measures that could have made maternity care optional. [...]

An Associated Press analysis earlier this year found that states with the strictest abortion laws — often led by Republicans — generally provide far less support to parents and children, usually leading to more poverty and worse health outcomes. In response to AP’s findings, many conservative state lawmakers said women can give their newborns up for adoption and said they would support funding increases for foster-care programs. [...]

[Rick] Scott’s “Rescue America” plan says that no federal program or tax laws should reward people for being unmarried and that the federal government should pay all costs for unwed mothers who put their children up for adoption, among other policies.

My bold! "Democrats suggest." — AP

Everybody's having a terrific time beating up women at pro-choice demonstrations and hitting them with trucks. (Salon)

A list of good things people are doing on the ground after they Ran For Something. — Run For Something

Why did Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch lie so much in his "poor quiet football coach just bein' so quiet" school prayer decision? Shruggy emoticon! (Vox) Chris Geidner on Gorsuch's "magic trick" (he disappeared Lemon v. Kurtzman by claiming SCOTUS already had). (Law Dork substack) Sonia Sotomayor would like it included in his permanent record.(MSNBC)

Our Well-Regulated Militia. Meet this wackjob and his many many many guns (and ammos). — CBS News

Rep. Cori Bush organized to get funding for the energy transition the Biden administrator asked for — but didn't ask for funding for. It'd be great if some of you among the commenters didn't have such a hate-on for the Squad. They do important things, and it's annoying. (The American Prospect)

House staff report on what the fuck the Trump administration was doing on coronavirus. (They could use another on what the fuck is the Biden administration doing on it, but the Biden administration isn't so glaringly venal and morbidly incompetent, and I guess coronavirus is over, so.)

Missouri AG is subpoenaing schools because their student surveys might stop kids from killing themselves, and that is Social Emotional Learning and it is bad. — Missouri Independent

Brittney Griner is going on trial in Russia. It's scary. (Politico)

Bye Ghislaine Maxwell, go to prison forever, goodbyeeeee. — AP

23 Cocktails for Fourth of July, I will allow it. — Better Homes & Gardens

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