Totally Innocent, Not At All Terrible Republican Poll-Watchers Getting Booted In Philly

Totally Innocent, Not At All Terrible Republican Poll-Watchers Getting Booted In Philly

Chaos in Philadelphia! CHAOS! They are ejecting GOP poll-watchers left and right, for no reason!Twitchy tells us all about it, in a style quite fitting to the website's name.

"Are the dirty tricks starting already?" they wonder, before the breathless, context-free revelation of "GOP poll inspector physically assaulted," which definitely happened the way it sounds, we need no evidence.

What the heck, you guys (pardon the language)? They didn't even do anything wrong!

Oh ... they probably did?

What happened, Power Line?

The Romney campaign is reporting that 75 Republican poll watchers have been barred from precinct polling places in Philadelphia, in some cases by Democrats saying, “No Republicans will be allowed in the polling place.”

Egad! If there is anyone we should believe unquestioningly about Democrat misbehavior, it is "The Romney campaign." They sound legit.

Might there be any particular reason to distrust GOP poll folks in Pennsylvania? And don't start talking about how a judge ordered Republicans removed from Homestead after they decided to start illegally carding voters, we know small-time voter intimidation is endearing.

And don't you go citing accusations that the Pennsylvania Republican Party is only sending poll people to the black precincts, because you don't have ANY PROOF, other than the list of precincts, which includes pretty much no white folks. That doesn't count either.

Anyone kicking Republicans out of polling places is obviously Kenyan, because no Pennsylvania Republican would ever act unfairly toward voters, except for the Pennsylvania Republicans that do, of which there appear to be several.


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