Totally Rational Behavior: Glenn Beck Shoots Things So He Feels Better About Chris McDaniel's Loss


We knew there would be some maximum sadmad from the super-right about Chris McDaniel's loss in the Mississippi Senate primary to Thad Cochran on Tuesday, a loss only made possible by meddling black people, and we really should have held a contest to see who would be the derpiest. Haha of course we didn't need to do that because it is Glenn Beck today, Glenn Beck tomorrow, Glenn Beck forever.

Now, anyone else would have just confined themselves to yelling, and, don't get us wrong. Glenn did plenty of that.

“I have a question for every black Democrat in Mississippi,” Beck said. “What the hell has this 90-year-old fart, a white Republican — the same white Republican that for years the Democrats had been telling you are nothing but old racists — you tell me exactly what Thad Cochran did for you.”

“Is it the unemployment rate that is so great for African Americans?” Beck asked. “Or do you give credit for the wonderful African-American unemployment rate to the president and the Democrats?”

Goddammit Glenn Beck is right. Why wouldn't those African-American Democrats just support Chris McDaniel, who was automagically going to fix the high rates of African-American unemployment by hahaha we can't even think of something ridiculous enough to say to finish that sentence.

Glenn wasn't content to just speculate about how the blacks stoled the election from rightful heir and king Chris McDaniel. No, he got so agitated that he had to GET UP AND SHOOT HIS RIFLE just to blow off steam.

Beck, who was broadcasting his radio show from his ranch on Wednesday, posted a video of his little break on Instagram.

"Stress release on the ranch. That's how we do it out west!" Beck said as he hands his rifle to somebody off camera and walks back inside.

OK, first, is it just us, or does Glenn Beck's entire appearance there -- the rumpled unshaven thing he's got going on -- just lend an air of "barely hanging on to sanity" to the whole proceeding? More importantly, how fucking departed from even the same zip code as the rails do you have to be to think "A political thing made me mad. The rational thing to do is to go shoot a deadly weapon while in the deepest throes of my mad, because then everyone will take me seriously and totally respect me"????

Props to Glenn Beck for making us even more scared of Glenn Beck, guns, and Glenn Beck with guns, than we ever were before.

[TPM/The Blaze]


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