Trump Ad Saying Everything Laura Ingraham Says Nightly Somehow Too Racist For Fox

We have finally come to the paradoxical point where Trump did something so racist, even racists are attempting to distance themselves from the diabolical nonsense. When the "Migrant Caravan Ad" first dropped, CNN (probably realizing the media has hired enough racists) immediately declined to play that bullshit on air, because, hey, who even wants to see that shit? Well, unfortunately for us, NBC decided we really really wanted to see it during Sunday Night Football, but they were DEAD WRONG and regretted it. Because we dragged them. But we are now saved from having to see the "Hispanic Willie Horton" ad ever again, even on Fox News, because they BANNED it. Even Facebook banned it, and we all know they love doing the opposite of what's right, so, this is pretty stunning.

From the New York Times:

"NBC and Facebook, both of which had run the ad over the weekend, reversed course after a backlash on Monday and announced that the commercial would be removed, saying it fell short of their in-house advertising standards. CNN had refused to air the ad from the start, calling it "racist."

First of all, BOTH NBC and Facebook ought to be ashamed that they keep helping Trump spread hate -- NBC with nonstop coverage of his rallies, and Facebook literally giving our data to his campaign. After all the help they gave him, and all the shit they got for it since 2016, why the ever-loving fuck did they let this ad run in the first place? CNN obviously learned some shit this year, and chose to act right in the first place. Good.

Even Fox News, which has made warnings about the migrant caravan a staple of its prime time coverage of the midterms, felt compelled to distance itself from the ad. The network's president of ad sales, Marianne Gambelli, said in a statement that the network had stopped airing it on Sunday. "It will not appear on either Fox News Channel or Fox Business Network," she wrote.

Uh oh. Am I sensing trouble in Nazilandia? It appears that the head honchos at the White Nationalism News Networkare not trying to fly off the tracks with the Trump Train. There comes a point in every hate movement when it just stop being fun and entertaining to prop up a megalomaniac wannabe Fourth Reich Leader. That point is usually when it stops being profitable, and starts costing money. Trump does not pay enough to make up for actual companies pulling their ads, I suspect.

Trump is always hilarious, albeit in an "I'm screaming and laughing hysterically because Trump will murder us all!" type of way, but it truly is funny how he tried to pretend he knew NOTHING about the ad. You can always tell that he knows he fucked up when he pulls the "I know nothing, like Jon Snow" routine when asked about it.

Ooooooooh!! Now TRUMP is the Real Victim, so you just run along, media. Shoo! Your silly little questions about why Trump is racist as fuck are offending said racist. As we all know, being racist is NOT racist, it is racist to fight racism. I learned that on Twitter during the "Well, Actually...' war of the Summer of 2017, when many of my friends got "Not All'd!!!" to death. Crazy times.

"Alex Castellanos, a Republican strategist who has advised several presidential candidates, including a group supporting Mr. Trump, said he "can't remember an ad, ever, that was denied airtime because of its point of view, because it was called offensive or racist."

Oh NOOOOOOOO!!! He's almost hit peak "White Man's Burden," y'all. Look at how hard it is for a Very Fine Racist to get airtime for his "LATINO HORDES ARE COMING TO MURDER YOU!!!" ad. Cute how he says it was "called" offensive or racist like it wasn't offensive AND racist. Mealy-mouthed sycophants are always ready with unproductive and idiotic statements. No wonder they always have jobs.

Speaking of Nazis and mealy-mouthed sycophants, Laura Ingraham just HAD TO have her say. Why? Probably just lonely over there being unimportant and angry that Tomi Lahren and Candace Owens got attention from their stankfight over Kanye West fleeing on the "You played yourselves" express.

"The Trump-boosting commentator, referencing an ill-advised and unfunny joke made by SNL's Pete Davidson about injured war veteran Dan Crenshaw that has drawn tons of conservative outrage, ridiculed the network for pulling the ad while airing the SNL sketch."

LOL, she played herself too. It's almost like they plan it this way so they can feel victimized when liberals point and laugh and make fun of them for being stupid. Well, it is election day, and Trump lost his last best chance to scare old white people to the polls to stop the horrible horde of dark people from acting out a real life version of "The Purge" upon them. Hurry up and vote, please, we will never get those Taco Trucks on every corner unless you do your part. VOTE!!!

[NYT / Contemptor}

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