Trump Begging Putin For Dirt On The Bidens. Yes *Right Now*.

Today we have a video of Donald Trump just straight up begging Vladimir Putin to release some dirt on President Joe Biden, in order to hurt President Joe Biden. Yes, we said "today" we have this. This is not a rehash of a story from 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, or 2021. This is right now, while Trump's hero Putin, whom he refers to as a "genius," the guy he was still praising as recently as this weekend, is busy mass-murdering innocents in Ukraine.

What kind of domestic enemy of the United States do you have to be to still be praising Vladimir Putin and begging him for help in hurting the leader of the free world right now? And at what point do we start looking at criminal consequences for seeking to conspire against America with our country's enemies?

Just watch this video.

TRUMP: As long as Putin is not exactly a fan of our country, let him explain where did — because Chris Wallace wouldn't let me ask the question! — why did the mayor of Moscow's wife give the Bidens, both of them, $3.5 million, and that's a lot of money, she gave them $3.5 million, so now I would think Putin would know the answer to that, I think he should release it, I think we should know that answer. Now we won't get the answer from Ukraine ...

Note how Trump says that "as long as Putin is not exactly a fan of our country," outright stating that right now — as the US and NATO are working together to punish Russia and help Ukraine in the face of Putin's unprovoked batshit loser war — would just be a really good time for Putin to help Trump hurt Biden.

RUSSIA, IF YOU'RE LISTENING! And if you're not too busy to help out your favorite boy!

This happened during an interview with disgraced fake journalist John Solomon, who was himself an enthusiastic helper in the plan to spread disproven bullshit about the Bidens' activities in Ukraine, in order to help Trump steal the 2020 election. And what was the original source of all that disproven bullshit about the Bidens in Ukraine? You betcha.

Solomon enthusiastically reports that on his "Just the News" show on Real America's Voice, Trump begged Putin to give him some sweet dirt on "Hunter Biden's dealings with oligarchs in Eastern Europe." Trump apparently also babbled about the Ukrainian oligarch who owns Burisma. And then of course this thing about the mayor of Moscow's wife.

The details of that particular conspiracy theory are loopy and batshit, as most conspiracy theories are. It's notable, though, that at one point just before the 2020 American election, Putin himself seemed to throw water on the conspiracy theory, showing "visible irritation" when earlier Trump comments about it were brought up, according to Reuters. Even as the then-GOP-led Senate Intelligence Committee was telling us these Biden Ukraine conspiracy theories were coming directly from the asshole of the Kremlin, Putin was suddenly like "NYET!" on this one. It kinda seemed like Putin was hanging his best boy Trump out to dry and abandoning him, just before the election Trump was so obviously going to lose.

In Solomon's report, he dutifully types — seemingly with his tongue securely super-glued to Trump's grundle skin — that in their interview Trump "made clear he treated Putin more severely than Democrats by blocking his NordSteam 2 [sic] natural gas pipeline to Europe, imposing sanctions on Moscow, upgrading the U.S. nuclear arsenal and bulking up NATO’s sagging finances." Solomon typed this literally at the same time he was reporting on Trump begging Vladimir Putin, who currently is "not exactly a fan of our country" and who's currently mass-murdering innocents, to help him dig up fake dirt on Joe Biden, against whom he presumably hopes to run again in 2024.

Also Trump didn't do shit for our nuclear arsenal, he's full of shit on Nord Stream 2, every sanction he put on Russia he did kicking and screaming, and the fucking halfwit, a sworn enemy of NATO, still doesn't understand how NATO finances work.

But sure, we guess in some part of their squirrel brains these two see why it might be important to pretend Trump was tough on Putin at some point.

Of course, if Trump does plan to run in 2024, then he's right on schedule to start begging America's enemies to help him steal it.

By the way, in related news, an extremely influential Russian state TV host and Russian government official named Evgeny Popov referred to Trump this week as "our partner" and said AMERICA IF YOU'RE LISTENING please re-install Trump as president.

You know, in case anyone was still confused where Trump's allegiances lie.

[Just the "News"]

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