Trump Yells At Sweden For Keeping His New Black Friend In Jail

Donald Trump is fresh out of "[his] Blacks," and boy is he mad. I mean, hello! He could use a few of us blacks to hide behind until his "Go back" comments blow over.

Since Trump has been caught doing racisms again, it is imperative that he find a brotha who is desperately in need of some MAGA style help, in exchange for being Trump's New Black Friend. Just like Mark Meadows, whose Black friend stood behind him to prove he wasn't racist, and like Steve King, who stood behind HIS Black friends to prove he's not a Nazi, Big Daddy Trump needed a Black Savior ASAP.

Unfortunately for Trump, the reason he needs this Emergency Bagger Vance isn't the stuff of fairy tales, or even of wandering caddies who help magic the white man into a stunning victory on the golf course. No, Trump is ALREADY a golf champion, don't you recall? No wonder he is "Desperately Seeking Black Friends" all around the world, and spent the past week trying to get a Rapper, A$AP Rocky, released from the custody of a Swedish jail.

Three weeks ago, a twice-Grammy-nominated rapper named A$AP Rocky got into an altercation in Sweden, it was filmed, and what you believe happened may very well depend on which of the recordings you saw. I won't get into guilt or innocence, that's not my job. I am here to shine my little light on this president and the horribly humiliating lens he chooses to view Black people through.

From MIC:

According to multiple videos posted online, Rocky was walking around Stockholm with members of his security team when two men began to follow them. The videos show that the men were repeatedly warned to leave Rocky alone and to stop following the group. At some point, the tension escalated to violence, and Rocky and his security team can be seen in some videos beating up the men; the rapper is seen tossing one of the men across the street. After a few minutes, Rocky and his team leave the scene, leaving one of the men laying on the ground.

Okay, we had a street brawl on June 30, and then a concert, two activities Trump is known not to be interested in, especially the brawl since he appears to have been ducking Biden whenever Uncle Joe tries to take him behind the gym. By July 3, A$AP Rocky was arrested.

Rapper ASAP Rocky must remain behind bars: Swedish

Friends of A$AP Rocky, but not Trump who doesn't even know him, were outraged over his being held without bail for assault. Apparently other countries have their own legal systems. I know. So weird.

Al Sharpton called for his release, alongside his mother, to no avail. Trump didn't answer the call, because he didn't even know him.

Then this happened....

From MIC:

[Kanye] West reportedly asked his wife Kim Kardashian to use her White House connections to ask President Trump to advocate for Rocky's release, according to multiple reports.

Well, that's very sweet but Trump isn't going to just start ringing up the Prime Minister of Sweden just because your wife asks him to, bruh.

Within 24 hours of the reports, Trump announced that he and West had spoken, and that the president would be contacting Sweden's Prime Minister on behalf of Rocky.

What the entire orange fuck?

Donald Trump Working With Swedish Gov To Free A$AP

And he spent the entire week on that subject damn near, telling all and sundry about his tireless efforts. Yet, A$AP Rocky was still charged with assault anyway.

A Swedish prosecutor charged American rapper A$AP Rocky with assault Thursday, more than three weeks after Rocky was arrested following a June 30 street brawl in Stockholm...

Sweden isn't cooperating as Trump may have believed they would initially. Bullying doesn't seem to make them move faster.

I have no idea what Sweden's real crime problem is. You mean RAPE? IRONY IS MURDERED.

Some brilliant Democrats like myself and Pete Buttigieg are in no way fucking impressed with Trump's bullshit ass pandering. We know he is desperate to look good in front of "the Blacks," since this time Russia is unlikely to be fully successful at getting him elected.

We ASO know that the normal Dem routine is to praise his ugly ass efforts, pretend we cannot see through him, and politely let him get away with it. Too bad. We call bullshit. Trump doesn't give a cunthair of a fuck about Black People, and he never will, don't ever get it twisted. Trump does whatever Kim Kardashian asks him to because she asks him nicely and smells like sunshine and vanilla.

Trump's STILL fresh out of blacks, and not one damn black person who has rejected his ridiculous backwards ass friendship gives even the tiniest bit of a shit about his struggle. That's not our job. We were assigned the positions of "sit back and watch this bastard look stupid." We never get time off, no vacation, but It's a living.


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