Trump Campaign Manager Idiot Wishes Hillary Clinton Would Stop Calling Trump Names

Has "game," unlike the Hillary campaign.

Oh lord have mercy upon us all, for Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway has gone on the Brian Kilmeade radio funtimes hour, to discuss how Hillary Clinton's campaign has no "game," which is why it has resorted to doing nothing but name-calling at Trump, and has completely abandoned its focus on issues. Yes, this is a thing that Conway said, with her mouth, about the CLINTON campaign, and not the one she works for.

Nah, for real, yo, Kellyanne representin':

"I mean, the name-calling has reached a fever pitch and it just tells ya, they got nothin’. They got no game," Conway told host Brian Kilmeade, suggesting that if Clinton "were really strong on the issues" and if [David] Plouffe "was that proud of his boss Barack Obama’s Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, then he would go out there and he’d talk about that."

Rather than calling Trump a "psychopath," a notion against which "Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd pushed back Sunday, Conway remarked that Plouffe would have said that Clinton's opponent "shouldn’t win, because Obamacare’s going so well, everybody’s so happy, United HealthCare and Aetna didn’t just realize billions of dollars in losses and pull out of 40-some exchanges."

Hillary doesn't talk about Obamacare, and revising, improving and expanding it as needed, to make it work for all Americans? Fuckin' news to us. But we are sorry, for we have interrupted Kellyanne Conway, who would like to complain some more.

"They can’t. They don’t have the issue set that favors them" and thus they resort to name-calling, Conway said. "And I have to say, look, politics is not a tea party. It’s rough and tumble. We all get that, Brian. But to go out there and do guilt by association and to accuse people of having malice in their heart towards other people with no evidence, and then to do exactly what the American Psychological Association has asked people not to do, which is to, which is to certify somebody as mentally unfit or a psychopath. It’s just beyond the pale, and nobody calls them on it."

BOO HOO HOO! She's quite a brat, don't you think? But she has a literally impossible job, so we kinda feel sorry for her? #WonketConflicted

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]Conway, as you might surmise from her history of Being Correct, is Not Correct. When Hillary and her people do "name-calling," they talk about how Trump is completely unhinged and unfit to run the country, which is true. Hillary talks about how Trump openly pals around with the worst scumbag racists and white supremacists in the entire country (the "alt-right," as they like to call themselves), and how a Trump presidency would be a big win for those people. It's not "name-calling" to say a racist is a racist, or that a bigot is a bigot, of course, but we already know Trump idiots think it's bigoted to refuse to tolerate bigots, which is the same logic wingnut gay-hatin' Christians have used for years to whine that they are the REAL victims, of the homosexuals.

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]Of course, when Donald Trump "calls names," he literally is flailing his itty-bitty furry paw-things around onstage, whining about "Crooked Lying Hillary," or calling women "fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals," as Megyn Kelly recounted in that one famous debate. You'll recall that just afterward, Trump accused Kelly of having "blood coming out of from her wherever." Just in the past week, the crybaby upchucked his formula on Twitter at the "Morning Joe" hosts, calling them "clowns," calling the program "unwatchable," and adding that cohost Mika Brzezinski is "off the wall, a neurotic and not very bright mess!"

We could give you an exhaustive list of all the times Donald Trump has childishly called people names, but fuck it, you already know. Also, the New York Times took a break from being fucking awful to compile an exhaustive list of the "258 People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted On Twitter" a couple weeks ago, so hooray, Wonkette doesn't have to!

So tell us, Kellyanne Conway: Is it Hillary Clinton who "lacks game"? Or is it your boss Donald Trump, who doesn't even know what he believes in half the time, and just bellyaches like a goat about people he hates, for the sake of his racist, dipshit followers? Is Hillary the REAL name-caller? Or is your boss a childish piece of shit with thin skin, who probably doesn't have as much money as he alleges? (Wonkette gets to call names, because it is part of our job description.)

Of course, we may have misinterpreted Conway entirely. When she says Hillary ain't got no game, she might mean Hillary never scores the hot chicks (um, Huma?????), whereas Trump gets ALL the hot chicks, like Melania, Ivana, Marla and maybe one of these days Ivanka will stop playing games like "Hard To Get" and "I'm Your Daughter."

It could be that, you don't know.


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