Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale Draining Swamp All Over His Wife

Brad Parscale is GRRRR SO MAD, you guys. Donald Trump's campaign manager will not stand for Fake News CNN accurately reporting that his wife Candice is the registered owner of a digital media company which raked in upwards of $900,000 from the pro-Trump America First Action PAC. How dare those scumbags viciously attack Republicans by printing truthful information showing that the "firewall" between the Trump campaign and the PACs slurping up sacks of secret cash is protected by Ol' Pube Beard's sacred promise not to speak to his own wife!

Red State Data and Digital was founded on March 2, 2018, approximately five minutes after Parscale was appointed Trump's 2020 campaign manager. Previously, Parscale Strategy, LLC was on America First's vendor list. But, as CNN notes, Parscale Strategy's last payment from the PAC was on March 13, and Red State's first check was just eight days later. What an amazing coincidence!

Public records show that Candice Parscale is the only listed "member" of Red State's holding LLC, which might lead one to assume she's the actual owner of the company. But, no! Parscale told CNN that he himself is the real owner of Red State, although "he hadn't originally wanted to disclose his ownership publicly because there are no available records connecting him to the company."


So he admits that he was trying to hide his ownership, but says it's a "disgusting trick" for CNN to print that information. CNN should learn to do journalism good like those paragons at Fox, who know that all Republican secrets are off the record.

Or maybe he wasn't trying to hide the fact that he's the real owner and his wife's role is limited to "payroll and invoicing," because she has the same last name, so any God-fearing Christian would know that he wears the pants in the Parscale household.

Or maybe they own it together.

In a series of texts with CNN, after initial publication, Parscale said that "so, legally we both own it," and "she is on the paperwork yes." He also said that "she is my wife and I allow her to file and be on my companies because I trust her. It depends on how you look at it. But no. It is all my company." Then later he said, "I own the company solely," and that his wife "listed it incorrectly" on the incorporation document, speaking of her being named as a "member." "She just checked the box of what she was. I'm the owner."

LOL, remember when this lying sack of crap claimed that the Clinton Global Initiative was a "slush fund"? Good times!

For her part, Mrs. Parscale insists she's only the bookkeeper for Red State, and never discusses "strategy" with America First head Brian Walsh. And the company's employees are simple "web designers," who just make the pages look pretty and never even notice the political content. Sure, someone from Red State coordinates with the PAC, but the Parscales aren't going to give her name to CNN, who would probably just call her up and ask her mean questions, like, "Hey, did your boss, Donald Trump's campaign manager, ever give you any guidance on how to best serve your client, a pro-Trump PAC?" Obviously, though, the answer would be HELL NO NEVER! Because it's illegal for PACs, which are able to hoover up unlimited amounts of cash, to coordinate with the candidate's campaign.

And besides, Brad Parscale insists, "There could not possibly be coordination because the ads placed were for other candidates in the 2018 midterms. Everything is in FEC compliance." Does the law say that campaigns and PACs can't coordinate unless they are supporting down-ballot candidates? Is that how FEC goes? (Yes, we know there's no FEC right now, so it goes however Republicans say it goes. But 2021 is coming eventually.)

In summary, Candice Parscale owns Red State. Unless Brad Parscale owns it, or maybe they own it together. Which he was trying to keep secret, even though there's nothing to hide, and it's a "disgusting trick" to reveal it. And there is no coordination between the Trump campaign and the PAC, even though Parscale, Trump's campaign manager, owns the vendor which took in $900,000 during the midterms from the pro-Trump PAC. Because Mrs. Parscale, who doesn't actually own Red State, never discussed the business with the PAC, or with her husband, whom she may or may not have ever met. And no you can't ask any of their employees about this, you damn dirty cretin.

Sounds legit.


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