Trump Doctor On His Release: "THIS IS FINE!" 

Live: Trump’s Doctor Holds Briefing From Walter Reed | NBC News

(Press conference starts at 34 minutes in)

In a press conference outside Walter Reed, several of the doctors attending to Donald Trump, led by his personal physician Dr Leo Spaceman Dr. Sean Conley, explained that — although he wasn't out of the woods yet and is still contagious — it is totally fine for him to be going home today.

"Though he may not entirely be out of the woods yet, the team and I agree that all our evaluations and most importantly his clinical status support the president's safe return home where he will be surrounded by world class medical care 24/7," Dr. Conley said.

Dr. Brian Garibaldi told reporters, "Our plan is to give him the fourth treatment of Remdesivir this evening before he goes back to the White House, and we've made arrangements to deliver the fifth and final dose of his treatment course at the White House tomorrow evening."

Collectively, all of the doctors said as many words as they could without giving any relevant information away whatsoever, including when his last negative test was, even though that is a pretty important thing for people to know. Dr. Conley said that to tell people that would be going "backwards," whatever the hell that means.

Dr. Conley also refused to discuss whether the president has had lung damage, citing HIPAA, which apparently only applies to bad news; hydroxychloroquine and why they didn't give it to him; and whether he, too, believes that people have no reason to fear COVID-19 and should perhaps just all go out and get infected, for funsies. Plus what Dr. Gounder said:

"Dr. Conley just said that POTUS has not been on fever-reducing medications for 72 hours. That is wrong. Dexamethasone is a fever-reducing medication."

Oh well, it's not as if medicine is a science.

Dr. Conley did say though, after being asked whether the president was having neurological issues or fogginess, "I think you've seen the videos and the tweets. He's back."


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