Trump Endorses Rep. Mary Miller, Who Said ‘Hitler Was Right’ About A Thing

Trump Endorses Rep. Mary Miller, Who Said ‘Hitler Was Right’ About A Thing

Redistricting has left Rep. Mary Miller from Illinois without a seat. This is a blow to Hitler fans everywhere, as Miller grossly stated in prepared remarks last year: “Hitler was right about one thing. He said whoever has the youth has the future.” She didn’t have to quote a genocidal maniac to make her point. She could’ve referenced Whitney Houston, who believed that children are our future.

Miller won’t accept her sudden retirement. She’s announced that she’s primarying five-term GOP Rep. Rodney Davis, who is most notable for not bringing up Hitler in conversation. This is not what so-called GOP leadership wanted, but Miller was emboldened by Donald Trump’s “complete and total endorsement.” Sources told CNN that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who’s theoretically in charge, had begged and pleaded with Trump to stay out of the primary race. He told Trump that Davis and Mike Bost, another possible primary target for Miller, were both good members who are set to become committee chairmen if Republicans regain the House majority after this year’s midterms.

Trump ignored McCarthy like he was asking him to call off a violent mob on January 6.

See, Trump doesn’t listen to McCarthy or the “scores of city and county officials all over Central and Southern Illinois" who endorsed Davis and Bost. He takes his guidance from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is hardly an expert on Illinois politics but she apparently has an affinity for House members who make inappropriate Nazi comparisons. Greene had lobbied Trump to back Miller, who’s also spread disinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine. People might prefer we ignore Marjorie Taylor Greene, but the Georgia congresswoman isn’t one of your 2022 New Year’s resolutions. She’s an ongoing threat and a clear power broker in the full-blown MAGA GOP.

Miller, a member of the House Freedom Caucus, is reportedly a pain in the ass for Republicans who want to pass themselves off as normal.

In particular, Republicans are upset that Miller has spread disinformation about a bipartisan bill that passed the House to bolster how vaccination records are maintained and shared. Miller attacked the 80 Republicans who backed the measure, and later told the conservative outlet Breitbart News that the bill would "track" unvaccinated Americans who "will be targeted and forced to comply with Biden's crazy 'global vaccination' vision."

The attack took off in conservative media -- and put the Republicans who backed the bill on the defensive as they fielded a flood of angry messages and calls, even though they argue the legislation would do nothing of the sort.

McCarthy had subtly warned Miller that if she has an issue with how Republicans are expected to vote on a measure, she should take it up with them privately and not attack her fellow Republicans publicly. This is an old-school Ronald Reagan Republican rule, and McCarthy fails to realize that Trump’s MAGA thugs don’t behave like polite country club members.

Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole said that Republicans should “focus your fire where we have a real disagreement, that's with our colleagues on the other side of the aisle.” He’s also incredibly naive. MAGA sees little distinction between Democrats and RINOs, and the latter is anyone who isn’t fully in the pocket with Trump and the latest deranged rightwing conspiracy.

Rep. Rodney Davis was not a proponent of the Big Lie and accepted the reality that Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election, which has become heresy in Trump’s GOP. Miller and Bost both voted to overturn Biden’s victory.

The Daily Beast revealed in February that Miller’s husband, Chris, an Illinois state rep, owned a Ford pickup truck that was parked at the Capitol grounds on January 6. It was decked out with a far-right Three Percenter militia sticker.

“Army friend gave me decal. Thought it was a cool decal. Took it off because of negative pub,” [Chris] Miller wrote in an email late Thursday. He says he “never was member” of the militia and “didn’t know anything about 3% till fake news started this fake story and read about them.”

Whoever prevails in the GOP primary will likely win the redrawn 15th District, which is very conservative. This is Trump and Greene’s GOP now.

[Chicago Tribune]

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