Trump Has Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner With Anti-Semite Ye, Holocaust Denier Nick Fuentes

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Trump Has Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner With Anti-Semite Ye, Holocaust Denier Nick Fuentes

Last week, Donald Trump hosted noted crackpot Ye (formerly known as Kanye West), along with Ye's plus-one Nick Fuentes, at his Mar-a-Lago trash palace. West is infamous for his antisemitic remarks, and Fuentes is a straight-up Nazi Holocaust denier. This is hardly a shock considering Trump himself is a gross racistwhite nationalist, but Republicans have trouble accepting that even former presidents who owned slaves might’ve been a little racist. So, they insist Trump is a model of racial tolerance.


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David M. Friedman, who was Trump’s ambassador to Israel, claimed his former boss was “better than this.” The proof of such a claim is lacking. Friedman condemned Trump’s Nazi dinner party, but not before needlessly bashing former real President Barack Obama. He tweeted, "I condemned Barak Obama associating with Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright. This is no different. Antisemites deserve no quarter among American leaders, right or left."

Obama, who’s repeatedly denounced Farrakhan, met the Nation of Islam leader in passing at a Congressional Black Caucus meeting in 2005. He’s never had him over for dinner at his Martha Vineyard’s house. Republicans treated Jeremiah Wright like Obama’s personal Hunter Biden, but Obama publicly repudiated his former pastor. Trump doesn’t reject far-right racists. Instead, he puts them in charge of his immigration policy and tells them to "stand back and stand by."

Friedman advised his “friend” Donald Trump that even "a social visit from an antisemite like Kanye West and human scum like Nick Fuentes is unacceptable. I urge you to throw those bums out, disavow them and relegate them to the dustbin of history where they belong.”

Trump did no such thing, of course. He originally claimed he had no idea who Fuentes was. He posted on his designer imposter Twitter Truth Social: "This past week, Kanye West called me to have dinner at Mar-a-Lago. Shortly thereafter, he unexpectedly showed up with three of his friends, whom I knew nothing about.”

Great security the former president has at his residence! All those stolen state secrets were totally safe. Seriously, Trump still receives Secret Service protection, so it’s unlikely he had surprise Nazi guests.

However, Trump and Fuentes reportedly got along famously. Fuentes told Trump he’d mop the floor with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and any other potential rivals for the 2024 Republican nomination. Fuentes informed the mad MAGA king that he preferred when he was “authentic” and didn’t just repeat scripted remarks designed to fool gullible CNN pundits. According to a source at the Nazi love-in, Trump asked Fuentes, "You like it better when I just speak off the cuff?” and Fuentes said he was an “amazing” president when “unrestrained.”

Trump whined that his advisers try to make him read off teleprompters and sound “presidential.” (It doesn’t work.) Eventually, he turned to Ye and said, "I really like this guy. He gets me.” We’re sure he does. Ye posted a “Mar-a-Lago debrief” video on his Elon Musk-restored Twitter account that claimed Trump was "really impressed" with the young Nazi, because "unlike so many of the lawyers and so many people that he was left with on his 2020 campaign, he's actually a loyalist.” Ye is a master racist when it comes to obvious antisemitic rhetoric.

Benjy Sarlin, Washington bureau chief at Semafor, noted that once "there was an entire WH/GOP apparatus devoted to keeping people like [Fuentes] away from [Trump] because he’s so easily flattered. It went away basically the day after the election and he’s directly interacting with them much more since then.”

This ignores why Nazis and other far-right extremists can so easily flatter Trump. The problem isn’t specifically screening and vetting around a former president. If random far-left extremists somehow crashed Naomi Biden’s wedding, they’re not going to bond with President Joe Biden, who they don’t really like in the first place. Fuentes isn’t some charming Tom Ripley. He’s an unabashed bigot, and Trump all but adopted him.

Later, Trump posted on Truth Social that he was just helping Ye, a “seriously troubled man who just happens to be Black.” You could almost cry.

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie called out Trump’s “awful lack of judgment,” but Republicans with active careers remained predictably quiet. This includes DeSantis, who like most bullies is a coward at heart. Mike Pompeo tweeted some banal remarks about antisemitism being bad, but didn’t name Trump specifically. Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson said Trump chilling with Nazis was “very troubling.” Get him a medal.

Republican National Committee Chair (for now) Ronna McDaniel released a seemingly annoyed statement about the meeting: "As I had repeatedly said, white supremacy, neo-Nazism, hate speech and bigotry are disgusting and do not have a home in the Republican Party.”

She’s kidding herself. Not only do they have a home in Trump's Republican Party, they hold the deed.

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