Trump Hates Immigrants. Well, He Hates Paying Them, Anyway.

Clearly the federal government is going to do fuck all about Trumpland's rampant crime spree. Bill Barr is spiking the Mueller Report into the end zone, with an assist from Republicans in the Senate and heavy cover from Hannity and Howler Monkeys. And the entire executive branch is lining up to resist oversight by shouting CONGRESS IS ILLEGAL and ignoring all subpoenas. Thank Crom for the state of New York! If Donald Trump wanted to commit all the crimes, allegedly, he should've headquartered his business in Missibamatucky and built that Trump Tower right next to the Piggly Wiggly in Real Murica. But instead he parked his ample haunches in the land of Letitia James, who is no doubt impressed with Tuesday night's Washington Post story about wage theft at Trump's garbage palace golf club in Briarcliff Manor, New York:

His bosses at the Trump country club called it "side work."

On some nights, after the club's Grille Room closed, head waiter Jose Gabriel Juarez — an undocumented immigrant from Mexico — was told to clock out. He pressed his index finger onto a scanner and typed his personal code, 436.

But he didn't go home.

Instead — on orders from his bosses, Juarez said — he would stay on, sometimes past midnight. He vacuumed carpets, polished silverware and helped get the restaurant at Trump National Golf Club Westchester in Briar­cliff Manor, N.Y., ready for breakfast the next day.

All off the clock. Without being paid.

"It was that way with all the managers: Many of them told us, 'Just clock out and then stay and do the side work,' " said Juarez, who spent a decade at the golf club, before leaving in May 2018. "There was a lot of side work."

The New York Attorney General's office has reportedly interviewed dozens of former employees who describe rampant wage and tip theft from undocumented employees at the Trump National Golf Club Westchester. The Trump club also (allegedly) had this One Weird Trick to Make Overtime Vanish by booking an employee for 60 hours one week and 20 the next, averaging them out two 40-hour weeks. TA DA! It's only against the law if you get caught.

It seems that Trump has been targeting those scary MS-13 duct tape illegals for years -- but to steal from them, because "where are they going to go?"

One former manager from the Westchester club, who said he thought the undocumented workers at the club were exploited, described an environment where — in managers' meetings — it was clear that supervisors not only knew these workers lacked authentic documents but used that information to meet the company's cost-cutting goals.

The former manager said that "The City" — the club's word for bosses at Trump Tower in Manhattan — was constantly demanding a reduction in overtime costs.

The solution, going back a decade at least, the former manager said, was to pressure the undocumented workers.
"You want to be here? Don't clock in for overtime," the former manager said, paraphrasing the message to these workers. "Clock out, and work off the clock."

"There was a conscious effort to pay less wages, because they knew about the lack of documents," said the former manager, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal company policy. "You know, where are they going to go?"

The manager at the time was White House Social Media viper Dan "Hatch Act" Scavino, who denied that the club had employed undocumented workers and described the Post's reporting as an "attempt to attack the President through me, one of his senior staff." Pour one out for Trump's former caddy, who is very busy pretending immigrants are rapists who steal your jobs and suck up taxpayer money. Mr. Scavino does not have time for the lamestream media's accusations that he ... gave jobs to undocumented immigrants and then stole their wages knowing that they were using fake IDs to pay into a Social Security system that they would never be able to access.

Yeah, all right, Dan. It's a concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there's nothing you can't do in New York. Well, nothing except mess with Ms. James, who DGAF about Bill Barr or Stephen Mnuchin or anyone else on Team Treason trying to obstruct justice to protect the president. And Jesus can't save you, life starts when the church ends.

Let's hear it for New York. AND LOCK THEM UP.


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Liz Dye

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