Why Does Trump Keep Going Full Racist On Black Women Reporters? Oh Well Guess We'll Never Know


When the White House revoked CNN reporter Jim Acosta's hard pass, Sarah Huckabee Sanders's "lie-splanation" was that Acosta had "mistreated" a woman intern when he resisted her attempts to mug him, and if there's anything Donald Trump's administration won't tolerate, it's mistreatment of women. Unless they're reporters or, worse, black women reporters. Then it's game on!

During Trump's unhinged "meet and insult" this morning with the press, CNN's Abby Phillip, who's black, asked him a question that he didn't like -- probably because it was interrogative. She wondered if Trump had named Matt Whitaker his pretend "acting attorney general" because he'd seen Whitaker on TV slamming Robert Mueller and his investigation. Was the intent for Whitaker to "rein in" Mueller? Trump is lazy so it's not surprising he'd make his hires based on his DVR listing. For second interviews, applicants have to watch "Hannity" with the president. It's worse than the process at Amazon.

Trump carefully considered what Phillip asked and responded, "What a stupid question that is. You ask a lot of stupid questions." He barely stopped short of shoving a grapefruit in her face like some 1930s gangster. Yes, I recall Sanders stating earlier this week that the president "welcomed tough questions," but this was different because it was a "stupid" tough question. As soon as someone asks him a non-stupid tough question, he'll give them a nice answer and some floor wax as a parting gift.

On a roll, Trump decided to insult another black journalist, April Ryan, whom Trump loathes because of her insistence on combining blackness with journalism. He accused her of just chasing "publicity" so she can get a "pay raise" at CNN. (How dare black women get raises when Trump's shoes remain un-shined!) He then said she's "very nasty," which is what he grossly called Hillary Clinton on live TV.

Trump brought up Ryan originally in the context of pulling more hard passes willy nilly from the press unless they learn to "respect his authority." He couldn't even stand by Sanders's phony story about Acosta Andy Capping the lady intern: "I don't hold him for that because it wasn't overly, you know, horrible."

The other day, Trump accused PBS Correspondent Yamiche Alcindor of asking a "racist" question because she confronted Trump on his recent embrace of the term "nationalist." Wasn't that emboldening white nationalism in the country? Heck, David Duke tweeted his thanks after Trump said this. This is a guy you objectively don't want to make happy. If he tweets positively about the pardoning of a Thanksgiving turkey, you damn well better reconsider the menu.

The "I'm not racist, you're the racist" song is practically a white standard these days. But Trump got mad and wagged his finger at Alcindor, and that's the consistent theme. It's an abuser mentality that women -- black women in particular -- set off within him. And like a battered spouse, the object of Trump's abuse is supposed to remain calm, collected, or risk further enraging him.

It's been a tough week for Trump. He lost the House on Tuesday and although firing his Jefferson Davis cosplayer attorney general perked him up briefly, he's now ending the week with the possibility that Senate seats in Florida and Arizona might slip from his grasp.

I'm not about to shed a tear for him, but I would advise him to watch how he treats women of all races, because we just sent 100 of them to Congress and they're coming for his sorry ass.

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Stephen Robinson

Stephen Robinson is a writer and social kibbitzer based in Portland, Oregon. He's on the board of the Portland Playhouse theater and writes for the immersive theater Cafe Nordo in Seattle. Tickets are on sale now for his latest Nordo collaboration, "Curiouser and Curiouser," an adaptation of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass." It promises to feel like an actual evening with SER (for good or for ill).


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