Trump Kills Off Summer With Lie-Filled Labor Day Press Conference

Trump Kills Off Summer With Lie-Filled Labor Day Press Conference

Donald Trump held another of his campaign rallies described as a press conference at the White House Monday. The president greeted reporters at the North Portico with a gruff “Happy Labors — Labor Day." He lied a lot about the collapsing US economy, thumping his chest because he's “added" half of the jobs lost during the COVID-19 pandemic. He launched a baseless attack against Joe Biden, claiming the vice president presided over “the worst, the weakest and the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression." This is a lie that ignores the crushing financial misery voters are experiencing right now. Objectively, the Obama/Biden years when we could see our families were better all around than the past six months and foreseeable future.

Trump can't present an accurate account of his record as a case for reelection. Instead, he attacked Biden like he was the guest of honor at a celebrity roast.

TRUMP: Biden is a stupid person, you know that. You're not going to write it, but you know that.

Yeah, Biden's so stupid he took his own tests in school like a sucker. The reporters should've left at this point. Trump was full-on Movie Nixon shouting at JFK's portrait demented. But they stayed. They're Henry VIII and Trump's lies and abuse are a big hunk of mutton. They can't get enough.

Trump is such an expert on stupidity he brought up Hunter Biden again. He won't accept that Hunter's misadventures won't convince anyone Biden's corrupt. It only reminds us of Trump's own impeachment.

TRUMP: His son, where is Hunter? I call him "Where is Hunter?"

Hunter Biden is a private citizen. He is not on any ballots. But he's probably still a better choice for president than Trump.

TRUMP: You talk about quid pro quo, with me there was none.

There was, in fact, a lot.

TRUMP: With him, he's right there on tape, and you don't want to cover it. You should be ashamed of yourselves. The press should be ashamed of themselves.

Whiny Trump is a very boring Trump. He might've successfully stoked white cultural grievance in 2016 but he also presented himself as someone who could get away with anything. Now Trump seems to think Biden's the guy who can shoot someone on Fifth Avenue without the press covering it.

TRUMP: Biden doesn't have a clue. You know he doesn't have a clue. In prime time he wasn't good, and now it is not prime time.

Don't try making sense of this. Spend the time you have left with your loved ones.

Trump also had words about Biden's running mate, Kamala Harris, and all of them were sexist and racist. He said she's not a "competent person" and she'll never become president. The president can't even correctly pronounce “Kamala," so he's one to talk about competence.

Over the weekend, Harris said she wouldn't take Trump's word alone that whatever jacklegged vaccine he rushed out before Election Day was safe. Trump accused Harris of "reckless anti-vaccine rhetoric" as if she'd tweeted crap like this.

TRUMP: It undermines science. What's happening is all of a sudden you have this incredible vaccine and because of that fake rhetoric — it's a political rhetoric.

Trump respects science so much he later demanded that Reuters reporter Jeff Mason to take off his face mask to ask a question.

TRUMP: You're going to have to take that off. Just take it off. How many feet are you away? If you don't take it off, you're very muffled. So if you take it off, it would be a lot easier.

Mason was challenging Trump's denial of The Atlantic story that revealed how he'd made disparaging comments about troops. Trump didn't help his position with this bizarre diatribe.

TRUMP:I'm not saying the military's in love with me — the soldiers are, the top people in the Pentagon probably aren't because they want to do nothing but fight wars so that all of those wonderful companies that make the bombs and make the planes and make everything else stay happy.

Trump must think all soldiers are like the war criminals he pardons or the street cops who adore him. The president resents military leaders because they're held in higher esteem than he is. You'll also notice that none have come forward to defend him after The Atlantic article was released.

Mason never removed his mask and instead used the complicated technique of raising his voice. Later, Trump praised a reporter who removed his mask to please President Pandemic: “You sound so clear as opposed to everyone else where they refuse."

Only 56 more days of this nonsense. Please have a plan to vote (just once!).

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