Trump-Loving Senate Candidate Ready To Bone GOP In Nevada
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How many Senate races can Trump screw up for the Republicans?

A fair few! And today we can add Nevada's to the pile, since Trump's lackey Adam Laxalt has officially announced he's running against Democratic incumbent Catherine Cortez Masto next year.

Get a load of this ad, you guys ...

Tell me you're a racist who's never watched Star Wars without telling me you're a racist who's never watched Star Wars.

Laxalt is the grandson of beloved Nevada Senator Paul Laxalt, and the son of New Mexico Senator Pete Domenici. In 2014 he parlayed his family name into a victory in the Attorney General's race, using his position to sign the state onto several anti-choice lawsuits and opposing a multi-state investigation of Exxon-Mobil, which he characterized as an attempt to stifle "ongoing public policy debate" about the causes of climate change.

In 2018, he lost the gubernatorial race to Democrat Steve Sisolak, which wasn't exactly a surprise in a state which currently has two Democratic senators, substantial Democratic majorities in both houses of the legislature, and went for Hillary Clinton by five points in 2016. But Laxalt couldn't even get the endorsement of the then-sitting Republican Governor Brian Sandoval.

Out of elected office, Laxalt wandered off to become Trump's man on the ground in the Silver State. But Laxalt was no more successful as chair of Trump's Nevada campaign than he was on his own behalf, and Biden took the state's six electoral votes. Laxalt played a key role in getting Trump spun up about supposed vote fraud in the state and continued his winning streak with a bunch of garbage lawsuits which failed to establish any fraud at all, much less enough to flip the state from Biden.

But Donald Trump loves an ass kisser, so it's a pretty safe bet that Laxalt is going to get the nod from the Big Man, virtually assuring him a primary victory. And this had conservative strategist Christian Josi, a former executive director of the American Conservative Union and CPAC, spitting nails over at PJ Media. Here's his take on rumors (now confirmed) that Laxalt would be running for senate and former Republican Sen. Dean Heller would be a candidate for governor. (Inshallah.)

In 2018, Nevada Republicans fielded a Dean Heller-Adam Laxalt ticket, with Heller running for Senate re-election and Laxalt running for governor. They both lost, badly, underperforming most of their statewide GOP counterparts.

Apparently, bigshots believe that the result will somehow be different if Laxalt performs a political do-si-do this next time around by running for U.S. Senate while Heller runs for governor. Some might think a candidate swap at the top of a previously failed ticket clever – most, I'm guessing, would find it delusional.

It's a fair question for Nevada's Republican voters and donors to ask: given his recent track record, why would they choose Adam Laxalt to spearhead their efforts to flip their pivotal U.S. Senate seat? A seat at which they might well only have this one legitimate shot?

Oooof! And also, LOLOLOL, look at this guy pretending that "Republican Party elites in Washington" are the ones foisting Laxalt on Nevada, not that orange maniac who commandeered the GOP and turned the rank and file into a pack drooling idiots.

Wouldn't it be nice, for once, if the kingmakers in D.C. would butt out and stand by as Republican voters in states like Nevada decide who it is they would like see bear their standard? Were they to do so in this case (and they won't) they would find that many Nevada Republicans see the recent two-time statewide electoral loser as "politically damaged goods." And for some pretty good reasons.

The word "Trump" appears exactly twice in Josi's article, and nowhere in proximity to the word endorsement. So brave! You really laid down some truth ... well, half-truth anyway.

Meanwhile, John Ralston, the OG Nevada political reporter, noted on Twitter that "Repubs here get that if Laxalt is the nominee, it makes it less likely GOP can win. Dems want him."

We do! And if Trump wants to make sure that this dipshit wins the primary, we'd be most grateful. Also Josh Mandel, Herschel Walker, Ted Budd, Eric Greitens, Kelly Tshibaka, and whoever runs against Mark Brnovich in Arizona, please and thank you.

[PJ Media]

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