Today was the day civil rights hero and longtime Georgia congressman John Lewis lay in state at the Capitol, the second Black lawmaker ever to do that. (Elijah Cummings was the first.) The timing had been delayed because fellow civil rights hero C.T. Vivian died the very same day Lewis did, and the Lewis family wanted to let Vivian's family move forward with memorial plans, and they'd go afterward.

Joe Biden came to Washington to pay his respects. Much of Congress did, too, both Democrats and Republicans. Hell, Mitch McConnell even managed to say words that were not grotesque, but they weren't "I have spent my entire career fighting against everything John Lewis ever did," so he can get fucked. Mike Pence came by.

Not Donald Trump, though. He had to go to North Carolina, and also he probably just didn't want to, because he's petty, broken garbage:

Would it have been the absolute least Trump could have done, if he had shown up to pay his respects? No, Trump already did the absolute least he could do, so he's moved on to other things:

Trump ordered flags at the White House to fly at half-staff in honor of Lewis for part of the day following his death. The president said that day that he was "saddened" to hear the news of Lewis's death, calling him a civil rights hero in a tweet, but has otherwise said little about his death publicly.

Good job, dude. We are sure that tweet somebody else wrote for Trump was very nice. It's not like we're going to look for it. It wasn't this tweet, was it?

You know, in case you forgot how Trump is garbage.

It's not like anybody wanted him to show up, and we all know Trump is too small a man to show up for people he considered political enemies. He didn't go to Elijah Cummings's funeral. He didn't go to John McCain's funeral, and he wasn't invited. Hell, when Ivanka and Jared showed up to John McCain's funeral, the headline was about how Meghan McCain took a well-deserved break from being the worst so she could read Donald Trump for filth right in front of his grifty daughter and son-in-law.

The Washington Post has a good rundown of what's to come later this week as America continues to remember John Lewis, and what ceremony has already happened:

Beginning about 6 p.m. Monday, people will be able to walk up to the bottom of [the Capitol] steps to pay tribute to Lewis, with social distancing and mask-wearing requirements in place. Members of the public can see Lewis all day Tuesday, before he is scheduled to be flown to Atlanta to lie in state Wednesday in the Georgia Capitol ahead of a funeral at Ebenezer Baptist Church, the historically black church where King preached.

The week's events follow tributes to Lewis over the weekend in his native state of Alabama, including a final procession over the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, where Lewis led the "Bloody Sunday" march in 1965 that ended with state troopers beating Lewis and other marchers.

And Trump is staying the fuck away. Good.

This has been your daily reminder what an awful human being the president is. That's all.

[Washington Post / The Hill]

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