Trump Now Claiming He Is Not The Messiah After All

Trump Now Claiming He Is Not The Messiah After All

Donald Trump is very upset at the Fake News Media for fake newsing the fake news that he has a messiah complex of some kind!

He spent this morning lashing out at said Fake News Media, claiming that they were being very unfair to him by saying he thought he was Jesus, just because he made a joke about being "The Chosen One" at a press conference on Thursday. He was just telling jokes! He was being funny! People laughed!

Of course, that particular incident was only the cherry on the Jesus cake, because the thing everyone has actually been referring to is the fact that early that morning, Trump thanked conspiracy theorist Wayne Allyn Root for saying that Jewish people in Israel love him like he is the King of Israel or the Second Coming of God. This was particularly awkward, given that the whole thing about Jewish people is that they do not believe there was a first coming.

The fact that screamed that he was "The Chosen One" at a press conference just happened to dovetail perfectly with that tweet from earlier. Surely, he knows this and is really just hoping that everyone will forget about the whole "Second Coming" thing. I will not, if only because it led to "King of the Jews" trending, which led to me getting that song from Jesus Christ Superstar stuck in my head, along with the mental image of Trump singing it.

King Herod's Song - Jesus Christ Superstar!

SHUDDER. Although I have to admit that, conceptually, it would totally work as a casting decision.

Does Donald Trump honestly think he could be the Second Coming of Jesus or the actual messiah or whatever? Nah. He just enjoys the idea that someone might think he is.


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