Trump Own Goals The Libs On Twitter. Again.

Donald Trump's day of abject failure continues apace!

After eating his own farts for almost an hour in the Rose Garden this morning, as he declared a NATIONAL EMERGY and then accidentally admitted in public that actually he didn't need to declare a NATIONAL EMERGY, Trump went back into the White House to, we guess, do more Executive Time. By the time you read this he may be wheels up to Mar-a-Lago -- where the real Executive Time happens, especially in times of crisis like the one he announced this morning -- but we guess he had some spare time this afternoon for Twitter.

So it was that he tweeted this VERY LEGAL AND VERY COOL video to OWN THE LIBS that somebody made for him. Now here's what we're gonna need you to do, if you're a lib. You're going to need to watch the video, and then cry a lot about how OWNED you are. If you are a conservative reading this, OMG THE MEXICAN CARAVANS ARE BEHIND YOU RIGHT NOW, HIDE UNDER THE TABLE!

Did you watch it? Did you see how it is a video of Trump doing his VERY STUPID AND BAD State of the Union speech, the one he finally got to do once his boss President Nancy Pelosi decided to permit him inside the House chamber, once the government shutdown was over? Did you hear the soundtrack music by REM, "Everybody Hurts," which was written by the band full of Athens, Georgia, liberals, whose lawyers are probably drawing up a nice "FUCK YOU" letter to Trump right now?

Most important, did you see how the video combines shots of Trump doing is VERY STUPID AND BAD speech with shots of Democrats and Mitt Romney CRYING? You know, because Everybody Hurts Sometimes?

Except actually the one shot that even looks like it could be somebody crying is of Rep. Ilhan Omar with her head in her hands. Unfortunately for Trump and all his supporters, Omar was actually putting her head in her hands in the international sign of "Oh My God If I Have To Listen To This Fucking Moron For One More Second I Am Going To Lose My Shit":

The other camera shots are of Democrats, many of whom are running for president, and also Mitt Romney, looking at Donald Trump like they were watching a dumpster fire fuck another dumpster fire while the first dumpster fire's mom watches. Coincidentally, that's how most Americans saw it, because in case you haven't heard, most Americans haaaaaaaaate the president so much.

Only a president as abjectly stupid as Donald Trump would tweet this video out because he thinks it makes him look good.

If you'll remember, this is how that particular event ended:

Wonder why the person who made the video didn't include that?

Anyway, it's been a shitshow of week, how's about we OPEN THREAD it right now? WE SHALL.

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Evan Hurst

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