Trump Pretty Sure George Floyd Looking Down From Heaven And Smiling, About The Jobs Report

Oh my God. Oh my GOD. There are weeks when we are glad to find out Donald Trump, the single worst national leader in world history we are pretty sure, can still shock us. Fascist Bible gassing photo ops have a way of shaking you and telling you you're still alive, after all! And he just did it again.

You see, today, Trump is rejoicing. He is giggle-jizzing himself to death over a new jobs report that surprised a lot of people, and in some ways lookskinda hinky, but which nonetheless shows that America's official unemployment rate is now "only" 13.3 percent, down from last month's official number of 14.7 percent. "Only" 13.3 percent. MAGA MAGA MAGA!

So, feeling a rare moment of unfettered joy over "only" 13.3 percent unemployment, Trump called a hasty news conference to pat himself on the ass and give himself reacharounds, and he said this:

TRUMP: Hopefully, George is looking down right now and saying this is a great thing that's happening for our country. It's a great day for him, it's a great day for everybody. It's a great day for everybody, this is a great, great day!

Oh my God.

George Floyd was killed when (now former) Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin held his knee on Floyd's neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds, long enough for Floyd to repeatedly cry out that he couldn't breathe, to cry out for his late mother, and then to go completely unresponsive, after which Chauvin decided to keep his knee on Floyd's neck a while longer.

And Donald Trump thinks Floyd is looking down from Heaven and smiling because ... JOBS REPORT?!

If you need one 14-second clip to show you how debased, how soulless, how utterly devoid of humanity and empathy and brain cells Trump really is, how selfish he is, how he is fundamentally incapable of thinking of anything but himself, this is your clip! Biden campaign, Lincoln Project, CUT THE AD.

Thing is, if you get a bit deeper into the report, it's not all blowjobs and hamberders. Maybe things are on the uptick, but look how small the uptick really is, in context of how far we've fallen:

"If it sticks," says the economist. One of the things you'll find in pretty much every analysis of this morning's job report is that "if it sticks" is extremely uncertain, and many think it's going to kinda stall out right here where it is.

Over at the Washington Post Catherine Rampell shared this chart from the Bureau of Labor Statistics of where we are, compared to other recessions:

What a very great day this is!

Oh yeah, and did we mention black unemployment WENT UP? And is at the highest point it's been in over a decade? That seems relevant.

Trump, who used to brag about black unemployment numbers being the lowest ever, as if that somehow meant he isn't a blood-curdling bigot, says George Floyd is smiling down from heaven about a jobs report that is surprisingly good, but wherein black unemployment WENT UP.

In case people want to say oh maybe it is unclear what George Floyd is supposed to be smiling about right now, maybe Trump is happy about all the Americans rising up to fight systemic racism and hold killer cops accountable — because he did pay some lip service to how to people should be treated equally under the law — Trump also said:

"It's the greatest thing that can happen for race relations, for the African-American community, for the Asian American, for the Hispanic-American community, for women, for everything," Trump said when asked if he had a plan to address systemic racism.

"Because our country is so strong. And that's what my plan is. We're going to have the strongest economy in the world. We almost are there now. … And now we're going to have an economy that's even stronger."

Yep, he was talking about "economy." And "jobs report." That's what was on his mind. That's why he held a news conference because TODAY IS THE GREATEST DAY OF ALL THE DAYS! Today is a great day even for George Floyd, in Heaven!

Trump also reiterated that the governors should call in the National Guard to attack peaceful protesters, and last night he shared a letter from his former batshit purple Comic Sans lawyer John Dowd that called peaceful protesters terrorists. But today is A GOOD DAY! Don't you agree, George Floyd, who was killed by cops?

If you want to hear a stirring message about what George Floyd's death really means, and what he really might be seeing as he looks down from Heaven, if you believe in such things, please forget everything about Trump and watch the Reverend Al Sharpton's fucking amazing, beautiful, stirring, uplifting eulogy at Floyd's memorial service yesterday. Using the famous text from Ecclesiastes chapter 3 about how to everything, there is a season, Sharpton thundered that you have to know what time it is, and what time it is right now is the time for society to "get your knee off our necks." It is time to deal with racist policing once and for all. "You changed the world, George!" he shouted. "You changed the world."

Rev. Al Sharpton delivers eulogy at George Floyd's

Fuck Donald Trump and fuck his good day. It's not about him.

UPDATE: Someone brought up on Twitter that Trump's comment about Floyd came just after the platitude about equality Trump expressed, suggesting that Trump's Floyd statements were really about equality. For absolute fairness, here is the whole video, and you can decide.

However, in context of all Trump's other actions this week, in context of why he was throwing the press conference in the first place, which was because BESTDAYEVER!, we believe that it's fair to interpret "It's a great day for him, it's a great day for everybody. It's a great day for everybody, this is a great, great day!" as Trump commenting on BESTDAYEVER! Which was about the jobs report. Especially since he also said that the "greatest thing that can happen for race relations" in America is that "we're gonna have the strongest economy in the world."

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