Trump: Psycho Dumbass Or Psycho Fascist? Haha It Is BOTH!

Megan McArdle, who is always just the greatest about being right about stuff, has an op-ed in the Washington Post where she argues unconvincingly that Donald Trump isn't a fascist Hitler wannabe shitlord, he just LOOKS and SOUNDS and ACTS like one. Her point, as far as we can see, is that Trump might be kinda gross but she's not going to let it crimp her style, because meh, it doesn't affect her really.

You could read her column, or you could have Trump video time with Wonkette, where he proves that Megan McArdle doesn't know what the fuck she is talking about.

Have we mentioned that, aside from how Trump's announcement that he is going to executive order birthright citizenship to death is gross and fascist, it is also literally not gonna happen, because birthright citizenship is one of the clearest things in the Constitution, and that Trump is full of shit, no matter what "they" who are advising him say? Well here's more evidence of the "full of shit" part of that equation.

Birthright citizenship is a very, very important subject. In my opinion it's much less complex than people think.

IN HIS OPINION, which was formed while picking old tissues out of his butt and binge-watching Fox News hate segments about brown people.

I think it says very loud and clear in the Constitution that you don't have to go through the process of whatever they're talking about, and by the way, it's not a constitutional amendment, you don't need a constitutional amendment ...

He's really read up on this.

Anyway, he repeated his lie that he has met with "talented legal scholars" who have told him this, an obvious lie because Donald Trump does not know any talented legal scholars.

Finally, he revealed his true legal reasoning:


Oh fuck off.

Want some more border bullshit? In the first video below, Trump says he's MAYBE going to send 15,000 troops to the border, we guess to stand around and play with their Obamaphones, because the caravan he's shitting his pants about is a thousand miles away and at the top end has maybe 7,500 people in it. Also, the military is barred by law from doing domestic law enforcement. It's called posse comitatus, but we're sure Trump has talked to his legal experts and they've told him laws aren't real unless the president wants them to be.

In the second video he says he's going to build concentration camps and keep migrants there, but don't call him a fascist or compare him to a Nazi. He says he has to do this because people always get detained at the border but they never come back for their trials, which doesn't make much sense because the entire point of people (legally!) applying for refugee status is that they show back up, hopefully so they can (legally!) be granted refugee status. (Most of them doshow up.)

Hey, remember that time a crazed lunatic went into a synagogue during shabbat services and murdered 11 people while screaming "All Jews must die!" specifically because he believed the lie that George Soros (a goddamned hero) was somehow paying for the caravan? Oh that's right, it was this past weekend. Trump would like to spread that conspiracy theory a whole bunch more, because he doesn't care about those murdered people:

REPORTER: Do think somebody is funding the caravan?

TRUMP: I wouldn't be surprised, yeah. I wouldn't be surprised.

R: George Soros?

T: I don't know who, but I wouldn't be surprised. A lot of people say yes.

A lot of crazed lunatic white supremacist people say George Soros is funding the caravan. People like the president of the United States!

And then finally, in the last video, Trump echoed his own bullshit talking points on Twitter by making up lies about a supposed Bowling Green Massacre that happened at the Mexico-Guatemala border, where the caravan MURDERED THE WHOLE MEXICAN MILITARY AND POLICE FORCE. This, of course, did not happen. There have been some clashes, but it wasn't the apocalyptic event Trump's fearful shitbrain seems to think it was.

Also, it happened, again, at the MEXICO-GUATEMALA BORDER. And Mexico is handling it! Hell, they're even giving out work permits to some caravan people, under certain conditions.

Donald Trump really wants YOU to be freaked out about this, because he is a white nationalist racist fascist wanna-be with Nazi tendencies. Also, he wants people voting out of pant-shitting fear, because it ain't like the GOP has any popular policies to run on, DERP.

After meeting with reporters, Trump flew off to Florida to do a rally, but he said all the same shit there and we ain't got time to talk about it, so screw it.

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