Trump So Mad Biden Gonna Get Credit For Curing Virus Trump Gave America

In case you have not heard, Donald Trump is still president of the United States, and there have now been over 250,000 confirmed coronavirus deaths in this country. Hospitals are overflowing. It's really, really bad. There has been promising vaccine news the past couple weeks, but none of that is worth a fuck to us right now, when you have health officials warning that if you insist on having a large family gathering for Thanksgiving, you should be ready to also plan small Christmas funerals. You know, for Mamaw.

So Donald Trump is bitching. No, he doesn't care about the tens of thousands of Americans dying, because none of them are him. The man who likes to say he brought back Christmas, but who quite literally stole Christmas from America this year with his malevolent incompetence, is bitching that President Joe Biden is going to get credit for saving America from the coronavirus pandemic with vaccines. In other words, he's mad Biden's going to get credit for curing the pandemic Trump gave America.

The Daily Beast reports:

As prospects for an effective vaccination for the coronavirus have improved for the coming year, Donald Trump has grown outwardly resentful that he won't be in the Oval Office to take the credit for it.

Hooray, he knows he's leaving!

Oh wait, this is about the president's resentment, everyone please pay attention to the president's resentment. He's still upset that the pharma companies, Pfizer and Moderna, personally Deep Stated him by not having anything to report on how well their vaccine trials were going until after he had lost in a landslide to Joe Biden. Because everything is about him.

The Daily Beast says Trump had been so excited, thinking about how in his second term he was going to do big vaccine rallies where nobody would have to wear a mask. He wanted to "read from a list of headlines, articles, and TV coverage that had [...] underestimated him," because everything is about him.

But womp womp, all is lost, and when the vaccines do come out, Trump will be a fading memory on the American conscious, and Joe Biden will be like "Hey, here's a vaccine." And no one will say Donald Trump's name. Because Donald Trump didn't have fuckshit to do with creating that vaccine anyfuckingway. Because he's a loser.

According to two people who've spoken to the president about it, he's grown preemptively annoyed that Biden will try to "steal" credit from him for life-saving vaccine developments.

Hooray, another sentence where Trump knows he's leaving! Oh wait, we are talking about how the president is preemptively annoyed, everyone please pay attention to whatever is making the president's asshole itch.

Meanwhile, because the so-called president only apparently experiences one stage of grief, which is abject denial, he's currently making the pandemic worse, by refusing to let the Biden team start its official transition. As Dr. Anthony Fauci said the other day, transitions are supposed to be about "passing a baton without stopping running," and that is extremely important when you're trying to get vaccines to people in the middle of an insane pandemic. It was Fauci's extremely gentle way of saying GTFO YOU LOSER MOTHERFUCKER, or at least that is how Wonkette translated it.

But no. Kristen Holmes at CNN reports that people at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) have been told this very day that if Joe Biden's team calls, "they are not to communicate with them and are to alert Deputy Surgeon General Rear Admiral Erica Schwartz" about it.

Meanwhile, even "Fox & Friends" — even "Fox & Friends"! — is trying to drill some sense into the stupid-looking skull of its number one viewer, with host Brian Kilmeade — yes, the great big stupidest one! — saying this morning that since it kinda sorta totally 100 percent no question about it looks like Joe Biden beat the shit out of Trump and that all of Trump's lawsuits trying to prove otherwise are LOL-tastrophes, then it really is time for the Trump team to start working with the Biden team on vaccine distribution. You know, to keep even more people from dying.

"I think it's going to, in the country's best interest, if he starts coordinating on the virus, starts coordinating with security with the Biden team," Kilmeade [said]. "And just brief them, because, on the virus, we're going to be able to get this out as soon as two weeks. We need to coordinate on the transportation and implementation, and you'll see how thorough the planning has been so we don't drop the ball in a little while."

"So we don't drop the ball." Which, of course, assumes Trump has been "holding" the ball this whole time, as opposed to Trump jamming the ball up his nose and his ass repeatedly while declaring flawless victory. Whatever, the point is that this was said on "Fox & Friends" by Brian Kilmeade.

But no. Donald Trump has more whining to do about how he totally won the election he lost, therefore no transition for Biden, and if that means your mom or dad or grandma dies of coronavirus because of Trump's lazy malevolent incompetence, he doesn't care.


[Daily Beast / Mediaite]

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