Trump Starting To Doubt SecDef Mark Esper's Commitment To Fascist Bible Gassing

this is a mean screengrab of Mark Esper

Welcome back to Mark Esper Day at Wonkette, where if a post isn't about Mark Esper, is it even a post?

This morning, as we were going to print (yes "print," do you not subscribe to the print edition of Wonkette?) with our story on Defense Secretary Mark Esper SQUEEEEEEEEALING to the press about how he did not willingly participate in Donald Trump's Big Excellent Fascist Bible Gassing on Monday night, Esper was also giving a press conference. We noted that he said, out loud, that Trump should not invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807 in order to attack American citizens with "Army" on American soil.

This is a controversial position in the fascist Trump administration!

But that's not all Esper said, and now we're getting reports that Trump is BIG MAD.

First, the other things Esper said. Did you know he said — out loud with his mouth! — that all the officers who helped kill George Floyd should be "held accountable"? And not only that:

"With great sympathy, I want to extend the deepest of condolences to the family and friends of George Floyd, for me and the department," Esper said during a Pentagon briefing. "Racism is real in America, and we must all do our very best to recognize it, to confront it, and to eradicate it." [...]

"What happened to George Floyd happens way too often in this country. And most times, we don't speak about these matters as a department, but as events have unfolded over the past few days, it became very clear that this is becoming a very combustible national issue."

Whoa who let Jane Fonda into the Pentagon? UH OH!

And now, CNN is reporting that the White House was like "WHAT?" to all of this, just like "WHAT?" That does not sound like a solid commitment to Racist Sparkle Motion Fascist Bible Gassing! We hope Stephen Miller didn't hit his bald-ass head on his bronze Hitler bust* when he fainted.**

A senior Republican source told CNN that there has been ongoing tension involving Esper and that Trump has no respect for his defense chief. [...]

A US official close to Esper and familiar with White House thinking said the secretary is being "skewered" by those inside the White House for coming out Wednesday to express his views.

"(I'm) not sure who thought that was a good idea," another official told CNN


Funny how this keeps happening with pretty much every Cabinet secretary in the Trump administration except the woman who married Mitch McConnell on purpose and not on a dare. Anyway, we were just remembering the resignation letter from Trump's last confirmed secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis, where Mattis did everything but call Trump an unhinged piece of shit. (All the Defense secretaries between Mattis and Esper were "acting," obviously.)

Anyway, Mark Esper! Who is about to lose his job pretty soon, probably!

Trump and other top officials, including national security adviser Robert O'Brien, are "not happy" with Esper after his Wednesday remarks, three people familiar with the White House's thinking said. [...]

One White House official said aides there did not get a heads up about the content of Esper's remarks, including most notably Esper's decision to publicly break with the President on the use of the military to address unrest in US cities.

Uh huh, yeah, yep, GOD, what kind of secretary of Defense is he, anyway? Doesn't support attacking the American people with tanks, probably doesn't even subscribe to Tomi Lahren's Racist Quote Of The Day inspirational email list.***


But again, things had been going poorly even before this. Trump apparently bitched and moaned about Esper for a whole long time at Camp David recently, and reportedly "both Trump and O'Brien [view] Esper as not entirely committed to the President's vision for the military." You know, the one where Trump gets to HEREBY ORDER the military to do fascist take-overs while he does photo ops and wipes his ass with the Bible.

Also CNN says Trump is upset because Esper doesn't say sweet things about Trump on TV enough.

The only problem, as CNN reports, is that Trump maybe might not want to fire Esper right now with only five months to go until he loses the November election. "Another person" CNN talked to said maybe Trump could just leave Esper there and blame him for shit. Because that's a thing Trump does!

Or maybe Trump will just fire him Friday.

"I think this is the end for him," [a source] added.


So Mark Esper is in very big trouble and is going to get fired sometime very soon, unless he isn't.

But we can tell you that it seems like the active-duty troops Trump brought into Washington aregoing home. (UPDATE:Oh good GOD.) Meanwhile the AP is reporting that the White House's desire to attack American troops on American soil is "waning," as Trump is starting to feel like the states should just handle all the fascism themselves, just like coronavirus.

That's right, Donald Trump is TOO LAZY to even finish one whole fascism, LOLOL, probably got distracted "inspecting" a bunker or something, yep that's probably it.



***Don't even know if Tomi Lahren does a daily email like that yet.

[ABC News / CNN]

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