Trump Stooge David Perdue Headed For Second Annual Election Loss In Georgia

Trump Stooge David Perdue Headed For Second Annual Election Loss In Georgia

Donald Trump’s instrument of petty revenge, David Perdue, is headed for an old-fashioned ass-whoopin' in the GOP Georgia governor’s primary Tuesday. According to the New York Times, Perdue's death rattle of a campaign is "ending the race low on cash, with no ads on television and a candidate described even by his supporters as lackluster and distracted."

It turns out Georgia doesn’t have enough voters who appreciate candidates they find lackluster and distracted.

Perdue has consistently trailed incumbent Governor Brian Kemp in the polls, despite running an overtly racist campaign based around Trump’s Big Lie about the 2020 election.

A recent Fox News poll shows Kemp crushing Perdue 60 to 28 percent. This would more than clear the 50 percent threshold required to avoid a June runoff, while also humiliating Perdue, a former senator who at some point in the past actually won elections. It’s becoming hard to remember.

While campaigning Thursday in Woodstock, Georgia, Perdue remained defiantly in denial about the poll, which is hardly an outlier.

“Hell no, I’m not down 30 points,” insisted Mr. Perdue, whose campaign did not respond to requests for comment for this article. “We may not win Tuesday,” he added, “but I guaran-damn-tee-you we are not down 30 points.”

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Perdue concedes that he may not win Tuesday, but he’s seemingly confident it should at least take a couple hours before Dave Wasserman tweets “I’ve seen enough.”

How did such a terrible campaign go so wrong? Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a fellow Trump stooge, claims that “Perdue thought that Trump was a magic wand ... In retrospect, it’s hard to understand David’s campaign, and it’s certainly not the campaign those of us who were for him expected.”

Trump had pressured Perdue to run against Kemp, who refused to drive the getaway car during Trump’s attempted theft of Georgia’s electoral votes (that was a metaphor; there was no literal car). Gingrich is playing willfully obtuse when he says he doesn’t understand Perdue’s campaign. Its entire rationale was clearly to punish Kemp because he obeyed the law. There was no other logical reason to primary a sitting governor, especially when the Democratic opponent is future President of Earth Stacey Abrams.

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Perdue pointedly refused to debate actual policy with Kemp during their cage match last April. He kept hammering the Big Lie and blamed Kemp for not just Trump’s loss but his own, which made him look weak and pathetic. His opening statement was a time capsule of MAGA grievance over 2020:

Georgia Republicans have seemingly moved on to newer grievances and cultural resentments. Perdue’s tired cover of Trump’s Big Lie just failed to chart. Trump had more success with Doug Mastriano, the Pennsylvania GOP governor candidate he endorsed at the last minute when it was obvious he’d win the primary. Typical for Trump, he slapped his name on an already thriving enterprise, but when he tried to build Perdue's campaign from the ground up, it collapsed in on itself.

This is hardly a story of good vs. evil, though. It’s more Southern-fried Godfather.The Timesdetails how Kemp “exploited the powers of his office to cut off Mr. Perdue from his allies,” which is described as savviness instead of corruption. Back in March, Kemp’s allies made Perdue’s cousin, former Gov. Sonny Perdue, chancellor of the University System of Georgia.

Mr. Kemp also appeared to punish those who crossed him: One congressional seat was drawn to exclude the home of a candidate whose father, a Perdue supporter, had publicly criticized the governor.

And he offered goodies to voters, including a gas-tax holiday that conveniently runs through the end of May, just past the primary.

Politics is local, and Kemp demonstrated what a sitting governor can achieve while a former president and senator can only whine impotently.

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