Trump Sued Just For Inciting Actual Nazis To Beat Up Black People! 'Merica!


Eight years with a black president, and racism isn't fixed? THANKS, OBAMA!

Last week, there was news in two civil cases alleging incitement to riot: one against Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson and the other involving Dear Leader Donald Trump. McKesson is being sued for violence he actively discouraged, while Trump insists he is blameless for all those times he told his goon supporters to beat up protesters, and they actually did it. A little too ironic, doncha think?

On July 5, 2016, Baton Rouge police killed Alton Sterling, a mentally unstable, 37-year-old black man in a confrontation over the sale of pirated CDs. The following weekend, thousands protested the killing, blocking highways and engaging in sporadic confrontations with police. Baton Rouge Police detained hundreds of people, including McKesson, and subsequently paid out over $100,000 in class action settlements for wrongful arrests. During the protest, Officer Doe was hit by a chunk of flying concrete thrown by an unidentified assailant. He does not allege that McKesson threw the rock, or that McKesson told anyone to harm officers at all. But he holds McKesson personally responsible for his injuries because McKesson organized the march.

Further, Officer Doe insists that he must be able to sue anonymously to protect himself from McKesson and BLM activists. Because...OMG, THUGS!!! Officer Doe, the man with the gun, is askeered of the guy who walks around in a bright blue vest every day and wears orange sneakers to march against cops in riot gear. Maybe, Officer Doe, if you're that frightened of black people, you aren't actually cut out for a job in policing? Just a thought.

Last week, McKesson filed a Motion for Summary Judgment and to prevent Officer Doe from proceeding anonymously on the grounds that it justmaybemight give a jury the impression that Mr. McKesson is a dangerous character.

Here he is working in Baltimore City School's after-school program. SCARY!!



A ruling on McKesson's Motion to Dismiss is expected in the next couple of weeks. Moving on to our Counterpuncher in Chief, who does have a knack for getting himself sued thousands of times, for being a nasty groper and a scam artist.

On March 1, 2016, candidate Trump held a campaign event in Louisville, Kentucky. Plaintiffs in this case are three anti-Trump protesters who attended the rally, Kashiya Nwanguma, Molly Shah and Henry Brousseau. As Trump repeatedly yelled, "Get 'em out of here," the three were beaten and shoved out of the building. They are suing Trump and two of the men who actually hit them during the event, Matthew Heimbach and Alvin Bamberger. Last Friday, federal Judge David Hale rejected the Defendants' Motion for Summary Judgement, so the case will proceed.

Trump's lawyers had argued that when he shouted, "Get 'em out of here," he was merely summoning his security guards to escort them safely to the exits. After the judge stopped laughing, PROBABLY, he pointed out that Trump's security guards joined him in watching approvingly as his Nazi supporters shoved the protesters toward the exits.

Nazis...? Why, yes! Actually, Matthew Heimbach and his buddies were wearing their Traditionalist Workers Party shirts to the rally. Click on over to their website, read up on The Folk.

The ethnic community is the definition of a true nation. Shared blood, history, and traditions are what make a people and bind us together as an extended family. We in the Traditionalist Worker Party fight for the interests of White Americans, a people who for decades have been abandoned by the System and actively attacked by globalists and traitorous politicians.

They seem nice. And the jury will get to hear all about them, since Judge Hale ruled that Heimbach's affiliation with these concerned citizens could be presented at trial. Apparently, being a Nazi is relevant when you're accused of beating up a black woman while yelling racial slurs at her.

Heimbach is the bearded guy in the red MAGA hat, and Bamberger is the guy in the Korean war uniform repeatedly hitting and shoving Nwangma.

So, to summarize. Black people are collectively responsible for each other's actions, and white people are blameless for violence they incite. Also, Nazis. Well done, America. Well done.

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Liz Dye

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