Trump Supporter Thrilled Trump Will Make America Great Again, For A-Holes

A large part of this election season coverage so far has comprised people wondering why on earth anyone would vote for Donald Trump. Because let's face it, THAT IS A SUPER WEIRD THING TO DO! It's so weird! Why? Who on earth would not find it, beyond anything else, straight-up humiliating to have Donald Trump, the tackiest person in America, as the actual president of the United States. Heck! I don't even know if that is the lefty in me talking as much as it is the part of me that is honestly a little pearl clutchy when it comes to bad manners. It is probably more of the latter, if I am to be honest.

My conclusion, from what I have seen thus far, is that these people just really want to insult people or be a jerk or say something bigoted without anyone getting saying "Hey, that was kind of shitty!" and they believe that if Trump is president they will get to do this. Because for real, their primary reason overall seems to be that he's not "Politically Correct." They don't seem to care what he does, who he is, or what his plans are for this country, because they believe so desperately that if he is elected, no one can ever think they are a jerk again, or not like them because of their crap opinions on things.

As it turns out, this is not just my soshalist liberal mind over-exaggerating the awfulness of the Right. At least as far as it concerns one 22-year-old Trump voter whose correspondence with columnist Conor Freidersdorf explaining his Trump love were published in The Atlantic.

The anonymous Trumpkin explains that he feels as though he has to hide his beliefs from people for fear of being labeled "fascist, racist, bigoted, etc." Which, yes, is a thing that does occur when one says things that are "fascist, racist, bigoted, etc." He is also sad that when people hear his beliefs, they are not interested in discussing them further with him (as the First Amendment requires), and often shun him and do not want to be his friend.

Disagreement gets you labeled fascist, racist, bigoted, etc. It can provoke a reaction so intense that you’re suddenly an unperson to an acquaintance or friend. There is no saying “Hey, I disagree with you,” it's just instant shunning. Say things online, and they'll try to find out who you are and potentially even get you fired for it. Being anti-PC is not about saying “I want you to agree with me on these issues.” It's about saying, “Hey, I want to have a discussion and not get shouted down because I don't agree with what is considered to be politically correct.”

He then recounts a traumatic incident in which he merely tried to express his deep love for wrestler Hulk Hogan at work:

In my first job, I mentioned that I enjoyed Hulk Hogan to a colleague who also liked the WWE. I was not aware at the time, but Hogan had recently made news for his use of some racial or homophobic slur. I was met with a horrified stare. By simply saying I liked his showmanship, I was lumped into saying I too was racist or homophobic.

I feel like I have to hide my beliefs.

CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE? I cannot. Because usually, when I disagree with conservatives, they tell me I am going to burn in hell for all eternity or that they would sure dig it if I got raped and murdered. Polite things like that. I have certainly never had to deal with anything so traumatizing as a "horrified stare." That must be ghastly. He should probably consider entering therapy to deal with the PTSD resulting from that. Perhaps, even, someone can create a "safe space" for him to talk about his love for Hulk Hogan without fear of "horrified stares!"

PC culture has been very difficult for him, and he feels he has to hide his repulsive personality for fear others will judge him.

I cannot say openly that I identify with Republicans, lest I see friendships and potential professional connections disappear with those words.

Again, so very hard for him. And people act like the McCarthy era was bad! CAN YOU BELIEVE? I know I have people on the Right just lining up to befriend me and patiently listen to my views on things. Look at this nice meme of my face some nice alt-right dudes made for me after I disagreed with them about a Nickelodeon show they believed was trying to coerce middle schoolers into being into the sexual fetish of interracial cuckoldry. SO FRIENDLY!

Anonymous Trumpkin also tried valiantly to explain a few other things he thought Trump would be good at, and really, really, really tried to explain how deporting 12 million people would work, but backed down quite a bit when Friedersdorf explained to him that everything you would need to do in order to accomplish that would actually be quite terrible.

So, you know, he mostly kept doubling down on the whole POLITICAL CORRECTNESS thing and how Trump would change that, the most important issue of our time.

Under President Obama, our national dialogue has steadily moved towards political correctness (despite his denunciations), but with President Trump, I think our national dialogue will likely move away from being blanketly PC. Even though, as you pointed out, Obama has criticized PC speech, he doesn't exactly engage in un-PC speech like Trump does. I don't expect a President Trump to instantly convert people, but when you have someone in the Oval Office giving decidedly un-PC speeches and announcements, I think that would change the discourse, don't you?

The absolute WORST thing about President Obama, for sure, is that he does not go around calling women bimbos and aggressively insulting people everywhere he goes, amirite? It is like he does not even WANT to set a good example for the children! Think of all the young children out there who want to shove other children into lockers and bully them in school! Who do they even have to look up to? Couldn't he just find SOME group of people to randomly insult? Maybe the Polish? Don't hear too many Polish jokes anymore!

He explains, also, that maybe President Trump could make it illegal to fire someone for something they posted on social media. OOH! That is an idea! Except the thing is, thanks to the hard work of you conservatives, most employees in most states are "at will" employees, meaning that their bosses can basically fire them if they don't like the way their hair looks that day!

OH, also dude is sad that there isn't enough nationalism anymore, and that all the brown people done stoled his patriotism.

I think most of my opposition comes from what I feel is a loss of the patriotic American identity and the advancement of multiculturalism and political correctness.

From what I can tell, Anonymous Trumpkin and those like him generally believe that for many, many years before this stark and cruel Politically Correct era, you could say something incredibly offensive to someone, and they would say "Oh, that is great that you are expressing your freedom of speech that way!" and not be offended. Ever, for any reason. You could use all the racial slurs you liked, and no one would call you a racist. Also, you would never suffer any social or economic consequences as the result of your opinions. Except, again, for the entire red scare, but that was to protect OUR FREEDOMS.

As a collector of antique etiquette books, I can actually assure you that this is not true. Far from it! Actually, there has never really been a point in American history, or practically any history I can think of, where it was not considered rude to "offend" people. I mean, my god, people were offended if you introduced people in the wrong order back in the day, so it is quite untrue that we have somehow become more "sensitive" as a society. Being considerate of other people's feelings and comfort is a major, major theme in most of these etiquette books. In fact, it is the whole point of manners! Chewing with your mouth open isn't rude for no reason, it's rude because it makes other people sick to look at it. Similarly, it's not generally acceptable to have racist, bigoted or fascist feelings because of some rule the PC POLICE made up, but because people rarely take kindly to being insulted or, if they have empathy, seeing others be insulted.

The sad thing is, even if Trump does become President, PEOPLE WILL STILL THINK YOU ARE A JERK, ANONYMOUS TRUMPKIN. Because, although he has said that he would LOVE to be able to sue the press every time one of us says "Donald Trump is a short-fingered vulgarian," the president doesn't actually make those kind of rules for like, regular people. I can still think you are a jerk for any reason I want to think you are a jerk, and you can think I am a jerk for whatever reason you would like to think I am a jerk, BECAUSE THAT IS HOW AMERICA WORKS.

[The Atlantic]

Robyn Pennacchia

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