Trump Supports Kevin McCarthy For Speaker. Now You Know He's Doomed.

Back in December 2018, Nancy Pelosi was already publicly pantsing Donald Trump as part of her comeback speaker tour. Enjoy this holiday treat below:

Four years later, Republicans have (barely) regained control of the House, and Kevin McCarthy still hasn't locked up the votes for his speaker bid. Worse, he's wandering around with his hat in hand like a Victorian street urchin begging, "Can I have some more?" Pelosi laughed off an attempt from some mediocre white guys to oust her, while McCarthy is struggling to survive a challenge from noted crackpot Andy Biggs.


Nancy Pelosi Gonna Brain #FiveWhiteGuys With Gavel OF DEATH

Andy Biggs Challenges Kevin McCarthy For House Speaker In Charge Of Kissing Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Ass

Will Spineless Jelly Man Kevin McCarthy Actually Become Next Speaker Or Nah?

McCarthy was in full panic mode Friday on Hugh Hewitt's radio show. Hewitt berated the "knucklehead caucus" causing McCarthy grief, and asked if holdouts Biggs, Bob Good, Matt Rosendale, Ralph Norman, and Matt Gaetz "are retreating? Are they going to let things move forward, Leader McCarthy?"

The so-called "leader" confessed they "haven't moved" despite his pathetic pleading, so he went in a new, stronger direction — whining like a spoiled child.

"And the difficulty here is that, you know, we are the only Republican entity stopping the Biden administration. But we’re also going to be the only ones that can move forward," McCarthy said. "But it would delay everything, getting committees up and running, being able to do the things that you know we need to get done from the very beginning."

McCarthy shared with Hewitt all the thrilling investigations Republicans have planned into Hunter Biden’s laptop and penis portraits. There's no evidence, of course, that a Speaker Andy Biggs or — God help us — Jim Jordan wouldn't also pursue a Marjorie Taylor Greene-fueled vendetta agenda. McCarthy has yet to make an affirmative case for himself as the leader of anything more complex than a picnic, which was then invaded by a MAGA mob as he stood and watched helplessly.

"Remember, this is a presidential year, so you only have so many months to really get out there and govern," McCarthy said, pretending for a moment that Republicans have any interest in "governing" and not simply attacking marginalized groups while harassing Joe Biden's family. "... And people look at us and believe are you ready to be the majority if this is what’s happening?"

He’s right there. Voters are going to consider the Speaker McCarthy era a complete disaster, especially coming right after Nancy Pelosi’s tenure where she actually passed bills and served as the real commander-in-chief during a MAGA attack on the Capitol.

“How can you pass the big bills?” McCarthy whined. “How can you change the course of history? How can you secure the border? How can you become energy-independent? How can you get passed the parent's bill of rights? It’s all in jeopardy!”

Those are good questions, but no one should seriously look to McCarthy for the answers. He's only making things worse for himself, which hadn’t seemed possible. We should never underestimate his stupidity. Republicans aren’t going to pass a “Don’t Make My Kid Learn About Queer People and Racism” law, because Joe Biden is still president. Any nonsense McCarthy’s piddly majority passes will die in the Senate anyway, because Republicans failed to unseat a single Democratic incumbent and had Pennsylvania flipped on their asses.

However, Donald Trump took a break Friday from grifting his gullible supporters and publicly backed McCarthy's speaker bid. He said he "liked" McCarthy, and because Trump has no real human feelings, this just means McCarthy has suitably debased himself and submitted to Trump's will. He doesn’t even like Mike Pence anymore, so that tells you how pathetic McCarthy is.

Trump warned that far-right conservatives forced out John Boehner and stuck Republicans with Paul Ryan, who Trump loathes. Comparing McCarthy to Boehner, who had a larger majority but still couldn't sufficiently check the Obama administration (the whole pesky Democratic Senate thing), isn't a compelling argument to any skeptical Republicans. Maybe McCarthy should prepare to cry a lot on camera. Even if he manages to win the speakership, he might not last long.

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