Trump Wants Nothing To Do With Raggedy-Ass Wall Built With His Supporters' Money


Donald Trump wanted to build a big, beautiful WALL, to serve as a lasting monument to his presidency. Now he'll have to settle for the gravestones of 130,000 Americans (and counting). When Democrats took the House in 2018, Speaker Nancy Pelosi made clear she wasn't spending a dime on Trump's silly WALL. He tried to force her hand by shutting down the government, but she used her other hand to slap him upside the head. The government was eventually reopened and Trump had no WALL.

Some of Trump's particularly moronic supporters wanted to help build WALL for Trump. An Air Force veteran named Brian Kolfage founded We Build The Wall, Inc. with political hacks such as Kansas Senate candidate and known winner Kris Kobach, sadistic Blackwater founder Erik Prince, malignant growth Steve Bannon, and "Sheriff" David Clarke. The organization collected millions from gullible xenophobes and set up half-assed monorails WALLs in South Texas.

North Dakota contractor Tommy Fisher put up three miles of steel fencing on private land at the edge of the Rio Grande. According to ProPublica and the Texas Tribune, the slapdash effort is already showing signs of erosion and is about to collapse, just like the economy under Trump's watch.

The president socially distanced himself Sunday from this disaster.


Private enterprise sucks, says Big Time Billionaire (?) Businessman.

Trump's paranoia is so irrationally egocentric it should come with a badge and gun. Why would people waste millions of dollars to just to make him look bad? He didn't need our help.

Fisher, who seems like the type of guy who says “bidness," told the Associated Press Sunday that he has the utmost respect for Trump, but he's just misinformed on this “stuff." It's true. Trump is dumb. But Fisher's self-proclaimed “Lamborghini of walls" is an Edsel.

Kolfage tweeted in response to Trump's cold diss that the crappy wall was ENDORSED and APPROVED by people who should've known better.

Marianna Treviño-Wright, executive director of the National Butterfly Center, has long opposed Trump's WALL because of the threat to wildlife and plant life. She's argued that any major construction on the Rio Grande violates international law. Kolfage has smeared Treviño-Wright and her center as "left wing thugs with a sham butterfly agenda."

Treviño-Wright picked up on Trump's wording in his tweet. If he “disagreed" with the kooky project, why didn't he do something about it like he was the president?

"It is troubling that President Trump admits to prior knowledge of this project — one he should have insisted comply with U.S. law, rather than proceed in violation of it," she said Sunday.

We Build the Wall boasted that the structure was "the first ever border barrier in the state of Texas that is actually built within feet of the border, instead of miles inland like the US Army Corps of Engineers has been doing for decades." These geniuses never considered that the US Army Corps had built barriers away from the border for a reason.

"When the river rises, it will likely attack those areas where the foundation is exposed, further weakening support of the fence and potentially causing portions ... to fall into the Rio Grande," Alex Mayer, a civil engineer professor at the University of Texas at El Paso, said in the ProPublica-Tribune report.

Fisher claims his company, Fisher Industries, is aware of the problem and will fix it all up, don't you worry. He predicts that his wall will “stand for 150 years." It probably won't last 150 days but who's counting?

[Associated Press / USA Today]

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