Trump White House Asks Intelligence Agencies To Prove We Need Travel Ban. It Does Not Go Well

You furnish the intelligence report and I'll furnish the travel ban

Donald Trump has this annoying habit of making news on weekends, darn him, and so we learned Friday night that the Trump administration demanded the Department of Homeland Security get out there and produce a report to justify the administration's new, updated version of its Muslimtravel and refugee ban (likely to be the same as the earlier one, but with a clearer allowance for people with green cards to re-enter the country). Only one problem: What the DHS actually came up with was a report reaching the opposite conclusion, obtained by the Associated Press. You know your travel ban may have a problem when the intelligence report comes back with the title "Citizenship Likely an Unreliable Indicator of Terrorist Threat to the United States." Here, let's have Rachel Maddow give us the breakdown on this thing, plus context on why it is Not Good:

Doktor Zoom

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