Trumpers Were Too Ensconced In Their Conservative Bubbles To See This Election Coming

Trumpers Were Too Ensconced In Their Conservative Bubbles To See This Election Coming

It is mid-December — over a month since the election and a day after the meeting of the Electoral College. Joe Biden is now undeniably the president-elect. Officially. Unless you ask the "alternate electors," which no one ever will. This is a fact that many Trumpers have found very difficult to accept. They simply can't fathom a world in which the majority of people in this country do not think that Trump is the greatest president ever. After all, everyone they know loves him! And like ... he did so many rallies, and people came to those rallies!

It's true. Donald Trump did have a lot of rallies ... in the middle of a pandemic. Still, even if everyone who went to those rallies and didn't die afterwards voted for him, that's not actually a majority of the country. It is also true that Joe Biden didn't really do much campaigning. He didn't have to. He just had to stand there and not be Donald Trump.

I suppose if one spent a lot of time at these Trump rallies, in geographic areas where Trump is popular and in conservative corners of the internet, it might be hard to imagine that not everyone feels that way. If one were the kind of person who would find Donald Trump appealing in the first place, there is practically no end to the other things one might believe — and they have spent the last four years proving that to us ... the silent majority.

Clearly, these conservatives have just been stuck in a bubble for too long!

Over the past few decades, they've been coddled, surrounded by other people who find Donald Trump's behavior acceptable, even endearing. They call themselves "We the People" as if their opinions and beliefs represent the whole of the country. They've been told they're the only Real Americans for so long that they actually, sincerely believe that other people's votes don't count.

"This is our nation, not theirs. If they want communism they can get the fuck out"Source:

"I cannot leave and find the life I want anywhere else. They can."

And how can they lose if they're the only ones who count?

They tell themselves that the whole reason the Second Amendment exists is so that they can overthrow the government if they don't like it. That is some serious entitlement there! I'm sure that if we decided to get gun happy and overthrow Trump, they would not be too happy about it. Heck, they couldn't even handle seeing him voted out, peacefully and legally. They see certain rights as applying to them, only.

Back when Trump won in 2016, many liberals were shocked and surprised that so many people in this country would vote for Donald Freaking Trump, who had been going around calling Mexicans rapists, waxing whatever-the-opposite-of-poetic-is about grabbing women by the pussy, and generally acting so much like the shitty rich bully in pretty much any given 1980s movie that there was reason to be concerned he might pose a serious threat to John Cusack.

In what must have been near to 85,000 op-eds, essays, reflections, musings, and what-have-you, various know-it-alls from around the country confidently asserted that the reason people were shocked by this was not because they had a generous view of human nature and didn't think people were that terrible or because it was a completely ridiculous thing that happened, but because we lived in bubbles. Liberal bubbles where we drank organic free-range lattes all day and never, ever spoke to the real, salt-of-the-earth people throughout America whose hearts and minds Donald Trump spoke to.

If we are supposedly living in bubbles, then it certainly follows that they must be as well, and that the lack of time they spend hanging around and trying to be understanding of us and our motivations is the very reason they did not see this coming.

Clearly, Newsmax, as the only news outlet they like now, is gonna need to do a whole slew of articles in which they assign reporters to interview us and find out why on earth it is we would not be super into another four more years of this living nightmare. Perhaps then they can accept the results of the election and move on to whatever weirdo conspiracy they're gonna be on next. Personally, I think they should chill for a while and dedicate themselves to something slightly more harmless. Like cattle mutilations, cryptozoology, or crop circles.

Or, you know, they can always just decide to say we were "economically anxious" if that makes them feel better.

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