It is July 17, 2020. The election will be held in 109 days.

There is a pandemic raging, states are breaking confirmed case records every day, people are dying by the thousands, and many more are being left with possibly permanent physical damage from the virus. All unnecessary, if the Trump administration hadn't fucked the goat in responding to the pandemic.

The economy is well and truly in the toilet, and gabillions of people are unemployed, because of how the Trump administration has fucked the goat in responding to the pandemic.

And Trump's "body man" John McEntee, who was shit-walked out of the White House in 2018 because he was being investigated for "serious financial crimes," but whom Trump brought back because YOLO, is leading an effort to purge out more people in the various agencies deemed not loyal enough to Donald Trump. You know, in case there are any Deep Staters left for this last five minutes of Trump's presidency.

During a pandemic and economic shitstorm. Can't imagine any of the people Johnny's purging have actual jobs to do or anything.

Hey, can Johnny pass a background check yet? We are just wondering.

Politico reports:

The White House's presidential personnel office is conducting one-on-one interviews with health officials and hundreds of other political appointees across federal agencies, an exercise some of the subjects have called "loyalty tests" to root out threats of leaks and other potentially subversive acts just months before the presidential election, according to interviews with 15 current and former senior administration officials.

The interviews are being arranged with officials across a wide range of departments including Health and Human Services, Defense, Treasury, Labor and Commerce and include the top tier of Trump aides: Senate-confirmed appointees. Officials are expected to detail their career goals and thoughts on current policies, said more than a dozen people across the administration with knowledge of the meetings.

These people are truly sick. The White House says it's just doing this because they need to see who would be really good to work in a hypothetical imaginary Trump second term, but fuck the White House, they lie.

According to Politico, people who have been interviewed say they are being pulled away from their very important jobs so McEntee and Trump can chase Trump's paranoid delusional fantasies about "Deep State" monsters living under his bed.

It's "an exercise in ferreting out people who are perceived as not Trump enough," said one person briefed on the meetings.

Because that's what's important.

"If they're spending time trying to hunt down leakers, that's time they're taking away from advancing an agenda," said a former senior administration official who's spoken with officials undergoing the interviews. "And that's irresponsible."

Oh yes. Because this dovetails with Chief of Staff Mark Meadows's Inspector Gadget mission to find out who keeps telling the press highly classified fake news about Donald Trump thumbing his own asshole while Vladimir Putin pays Taliban fighters to kill American troops. Because in Trump's America, the crime is not the crime, the crime is the person who witnesses the crime TELLING SOMEBODY about the crime. You know, like in a crime family. As we know with the Roger Stone case, and how mightily he was rewarded, Trump hates rats almost more than he hates ramps.

Of course, we imagine there's a lot of fuckery planned between now and November 3, so we can kinda see why Johnny's still fucking this chicken, aside from whatever Daddy issues he has. We imagine the Trump campaign has lots of really fucked up plans to undermine the election, and that's not even taking into account whatever Trump's buddies in Russia have up their sleeve. Can't have some actual patriot in the Department of Homeland Security piping up and saying "Um, it looks like they're hacking the voting systems, you guys" or anything like that. You know, to pose a crazy hypothetical.

"It just seems like you could be a rocket scientist, but all they care about is whether you are MAGA," said one senior administration official familiar with the interview process.

You could also be one of the world's foremost pandemic experts, or America's vaccine chief, or a really smart and dedicated lieutenant colonel who did nothing besides answer the subpoena Congress sent after he witnessed Trump's Ukraine crimes. Really, the smarter you are, the higher you probably are on Johnny's super special hit list for Daddy.

Oh yeah, remember how Johnny was a big part of the impeachment purges, just after they let him back in the White House?

Anything else stupid/dangerous/wrongheaded about this?

A team of Labor Department senior political leaders is now quarantining after being exposed to the novel coronavirus during interviews with White House staffers this week, four sources with knowledge of the situation told Bloomberg Law.

Fucking garbage. Every single person in the Trump administration who's there by choice. Garbage. Vote in November.

The end.

[Politico / Bloomberg Law]

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